Installation and application notice of AC contactor

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Precautions before installation of AC contactor:

1 Contactor should be carefully checked whether the nameplate data meets the requirements in the contactor circuit before installation, whether the coil working voltage meets control power rated voltage.

2 Contactor appearance should be good, no damage. Moving parts should be flexible, no stagnation.

3 Whether or not the arc cap is broken or damaged .

4 Use multimeter to check whether the contactor coil is disconnected, short-circuit.

5 Use insulation resistance meter (megameter) to check the interphase insulation between main contacts , should generally be greater than 10M.


AC contactor installation precautions:

1 In general, should be installed in the vertical plane, the inclination is not more than 5°, should pay attention to keep the arcing space properly, so as not to burn the adjacent appliances.

2 Installation position and height should be convenient for daily inspection and maintenance, the installation site should have no severe vibration.

3 Mounting hole screws should be fitted with spring washers and washers, and tighten screws to prevent loosening or vibration, parts don't fall into the contactor interior .

4 Check the wiring is correct, when the main contacts are not charged, the attracting coil is energized firstly, and on-off several times, check whether the contactor is reliable, then can be put into use.

5 Metal shell or a frame should be grounded.

6 Other notes

In addition, in order to reduce the loss of power consumption and noise, CJ19 magnetic contactor has derived varieties of DC operation, can be used for AC contactor silent operation.