After-sale Precautions for Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker

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After-sale Precautions for Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker:
Under the normal installation and use conditions of the products, the users will replace the products free of charge for 3 years from the shipment of the original factory, when the products are damaged or unable to work properly due to quality reasons.
1. Quality problems arising from the private dismantling of products shall be borne by oneself.
2. Do not touch the exposed part of the non-insulator of the auto reclosing circuit breaker when the power is on. Wet hand operation is strictly prohibited.
3. Please do not adjust the characteristics of auto reclosing circuit breaker at will. The circuit breakers manufacturers will not be responsible for the quality problems caused by this.
4. The connection must be reliable to prevent the malfunction of the auto reclosing circuit breaker caused by abnormal fever at the terminal or the burning of the terminal.
5. Install the auto reclosing circuit breaker on the wall or in the chassis to avoid direct rain and sunshine.
6. After three consecutive unsuccessful auto reclosing circuit breakers, electrical equipment and lines should be checked and power supply should be closed after troubleshooting.
7. Conduct regular self-inspection of leakage protection function and press the test button once to check whether the equipment is running properly under closed power-on condition.
8. When conducting the action characteristic experiment, we should use the special testing instrument which has passed the examination of the relevant departments of the state, and strictly prohibit the short circuit method of the fire wire to the ground wire to test the device, so as to avoid the danger of electric shock.