Application comparison between DC molded case circuit breaker and DC miniature circuit breaker

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The DC molded case circuit breaker and the DC miniature circuit breakers are widely used in circuit breakers. Then, what are the differences between the two circuit breakers in our actual application? Here are some brief analyses.

1. DC molded case circuit breaker is used in plastic structure, its main characteristic is circuit breaker and DC circuit breaker are plastic shell pressing, and the arc system in dynamic and static contact with the installation principle of parallel conductors, static contact type H can open, dynamic and static contacts around with a high arc resistant material components, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit between them, is conducive to rapid arc extinguishment and ensure reliable contact system of breaker. The DC mini circuit breaker consists of over-current tripping device, operating mechanism, contactor and arc extinguishing system. The outer shell is made of plastic with high strength and high resistance.

2. For rated current, the DC molded case circuit breaker is generally 10A~1250A, while the DC small circuit breaker rated current is much smaller, generally 1~63A.

3. For the sectional capacity, the DC small circuit breaker is lower than the DC molded case circuit breaker. In general, the circuit below 63A or the circuit with lower segmental capacity requires the most direct circuit breaker, while the loop between 10A-1250A usually uses the DC molded case circuit breaker.

4. Miniature DC circuit breaker is composed of a plurality of pole assembly, tripping device is connected with the linkage rod, the handle cover connected with a linkage, and ensure the consistency of the on-off. And it has super class current limiting performance, and can protect relay protection and automatic device from overload, short circuit and other fault protection. The polarity and coordination characteristics of DC small circuit breakers are also the best for similar products at home and abroad. The DC molded case circuit breaker has the advantages of compact structure, small size and easy operation, and the operating mechanism has the function of fast closing and fast breaking. Most of the direct circuit breakers are operated manually.