Structure features of electrical isolation switch

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-08-22Views : 166

The electrical isolation switch adopts modular design, which is suitable for connection and breaking circuit or electrical isolation. More than 1000A is only used for electrical isolation.

The isolation switch adopts the spring energy storage, instantaneous release acceleration closing mechanism, and the contact structure of the double break point of the colleague to connect and break the parallel double break point, thereby greatly improving the electrical performance and mechanical performance of the product.

The switch is made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester plastic and hand operated handle. It has high dielectric performance, protection ability and reliable operation safety.

The switch has 3 poles and 4 poles (3 poles + break through neutral poles).

The front of the switch is provided with a marking window, which is only the on-off state of the contact, and the rear observation window can be provided according to requirements, and the on-off state of the contact is directly observed to ensure the reliability and safety of the switch operation.

The handle can be directly mounted on the switch (hereinafter referred to as operation inside the cabinet). It can also be operated outside the distribution cabinet by the extension shaft (outside the cabinet for short), which provides convenient operation.

The normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts can be provided according to the requirements, and the wiring mode of the special floor and the front plate of the panel can be installed to meet the various requirements of the customers.

In the break position "0", the lock can be locked from two to three to prevent misoperation.