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Scope of Application

TXB7GQ-63 Voltage Protector (undervoltage protection circuit breaker and overvoltage protection circuit breaker) is derivative product of TXB7-63 miniature circuit breaker with the voltage module. It is used for the circuits of rated current of 1-63A, AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 230V, over-voltage protection setting value is (275 ± 5%), under-voltage protection rating is 170 ± 5%, suitable for the protection of over-current, overload, short circuit and over-undervoltage of building line facilities and AC distribution system and electrical equipment. It is the best products installed in the residential, hotel hospitals, shops, office buildings. Under normal circumstances, it can also be used for the circuit of infrequent conversion.
TXB7GQ-63 Voltage Protector (undervoltage protection circuit breaker and overvoltage protection circuit breaker) have the following characteristics: Handle operation is safe and comfortable, over-undervoltage protection value can be set according to users' requirements, must pay attention to null line and live line when wiring; power of up in and down out, in line with the characteristics of power supply, easy to install.
This product complies with GB10963.1, IEC60898-1 standard.

Model and meaning

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

◆ Ambient air temperature -5℃~+40℃, and the daily average temperature does not exceed +35℃.
◆ Altitude is not more than 2000m.
◆ Atmospheric relative humidity at ambient air temperature +40 ℃ is not more than 50%, in the low temperature can have higher relative humidity, the gel on the surface of the product occur occasionally due to temperature changes, you should take special measures .
◆ Pollution level: 2.
◆ Installation: use standard installation rail (TH35-7.5 type) to install

Main technical parameters and specifications

According to the poles: 1P + N (N can break);
Rated operating voltage Ue: 230V;
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz;
Rated operating current In: 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A and 63A;
According to the instantaneous trip type: C type and D type;
Frame Rating Current Inm: 63A;
Protection class: Ip20;
Over-current trip characteristics: Over-current trip characteristics of circuit breaker in the normal installation conditions and the reference ambient temperature (30 ~ 35)℃ should meet the following requirements.

No. Trip type Rated Current In Test current A Set time Expected Result Initial state
1 C、D ≤63A 1.13In t≤lh Non tripping Cold
2 ≤63A 1.45In t<1h tripping Then after test NO.1
3 ≤32A 2.55In 1s < t < 60s tripping Cold
32A< in ≤63a 1s < t < 120s
4 C ≤63A 5In t≤0.1s Non tripping Cold
D 10In
5 C ≤63A 10In t<0.1s tripping Cold
D 20In
Product Frame rated
Pole Rated
Rated Current

Action value

of protection

Type of
TXB7Q-63 63A 1P+N 230 1-63 170±5% C、D
TXB7G-63 270±5%
TXB7GQ-63 270±5% 170±5%
Product Code Application Standard

To make the circuit breaker

tripping and achieve
under-voltage protection of the line
When the power supply

voltage falls between 170V ± 5%


To make the circuit breaker

tripping and achieve
over-voltage protection of the line
When the power supply

voltage rises to 270V ± 5%


To make the circuit breaker

tripping and protect the line
When the 230V rated power

supply voltage rises t
o 270 ± 5% or falls at 170V ± 5%

Trip type Rated Current A Rated short circuit breaking capacity A cosΦ
C 1≤In≤40 6000 0.65~0.70
C 40<> 4500 0.75~0.80
D 1≤In≤63 4500 0.75~0.80

Thermal / electromagnetic tripping characteristic curve

Outline and installation dimensions

Working principle and installation requirements

The circuit breaker trip coil and control circuit are installed in the N-pole circuit breaker, the normal work, the control circuit off the trip coil circuit, the circuit breaker can be closed to the user power supply. When the power supply line over-voltage or undervoltage occurs, the circuit breaker automatically cut off power to stop the user power supply. Only when the voltage returns to normal, the circuit breaker can be closed manually.

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