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TNID-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCD Electromagnetic Type (without overcurrent protection) is suitable for AC rated voltage 1P+N 240V and 3P+N 400V, rated current up to 100A, The types of leakage tripping are divided into AC type, A type, and B type. When personal shock or power grid leakage current exceeds the specified value, the residual current action circuit breaker can quickly cut off the faulty power supply in a very short time. Protect the safety of human body and electrical equipment, can also be used for infrequent conversion of the line starting. Products are suitable for industrial, commercial, high-rise and residential and other places.Comply with the standards: GB 16916.1, IEC 61008-1, CCC, CE certification.Residual current circuit breaker according to GB16916.1 "Household and similar applications without overcurrent protection of residual current action circuit breaker (RCCB) Part 1: General rules" design, manufacturing and inspection.


The elevation of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m.
Ambient air temperature: the upper limit of ambient air temperature shall not exceed +40°C; The average ambient air temperature for 24h does not exceed +35°C. The lower limit of ambient air temperature shall not be lower than -5°C.
Atmospheric conditions: When the maximum temperature is +40°C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. At a lower temperature, a higher relative humidity is allowed, such as 90% at 20°C. Special measures should be taken for the occasional condensation caused by temperature changes.
Pollution level: 2
Installation conditions: Installed in a place without shock, vibration and rain or snow attack: the upper terminal is connected to the power side, and the lower terminal is connected to the load side; The inclination to the vertical plane shall not exceed 2°. Use TH35-7.5 steel mounting rail for installation.
Installation category: Ⅱ, Ⅲ.
The external magnetic field near the place where the circuit breaker is installed shall not exceed 5 times of the earth magnetic field in any direction.


Residual Current Protection Type Electromagnetic
Standards IEC 62423, IEC 61008.1
Rated Current In 16A, 20A, 25A,40A,63A,100A
Poles 1P+N / 3P+N
Sensitivity 15mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA
Residual Current Working Type Type A
Rated Voltage Ue 230V (1P+N), 440V (3P+N)
Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Residual Making And Breaking Capacity IΔm 1500A
Short Circuit Current Inc=IΔc 10000A
SCPD Fuse 10000
Rated Impulse Withstand Current 1.2/50µs 6000V
Mechanical Working Life 4000 Times
Electrical Life 2000 Times
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 500V (1P+N), 900V (3P+N)
Dielectric test voltage at and ind. Freq. for 1min 2.5kV
Pollution Degree II
Break Time Under IΔn ≤0.1s
Degree of Protection IP20
Contact Flag Indication White for ON, Red for OFF
Ambient Temperature -25°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to +70°C
Installation DIN Rail IEC/EN 60715
Wiring 1.5 mm² - 25 mm²
Tightening Torque 3.5*N.m
Connection Up input and down output

Break Time Of Residual Current Action

In (A) I△n (A) Maximum Break Time And Minimum No-Drive Time
I△n 2I△n 5I△n 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A, 200A, 500A
63 0.03, 0.1 , 0.3 0.1s 0.08s 0.01s 0.04s

Mechanical And Electrical Life

Residual current operation circuit breaker shall be able to withstand the specified number of cycles.

In Number of operation cycles Operating Frequency (times/hour)
Load Operation No Load Operation
10A-32A 2000 2000 240
40A-100A 2000 1000 120



Form Residual Current and Current Waveform That Can Trip Trip Current Range
Type AC AC Residual Current 0.5 I△– I△n
Type A AC Residual Current 0.5 I△– I△n
Pulsating DC Residual Current 0.35~1.4I△n(or 2I△n )(Current lag Angle 0°)
0.25~1.4I△n(or 2I△n )(Current lag Angle 90°)
0.11~1.4I△n(or 2I△n )(Current lag Angle 135°)
Current stacking 6mA Smooth DC Residual Current 1.4I△n(or 2I△n) + 6mA
RCD Examples of type of equipment / load
Type AC Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive loads generally without any electronic components, typically:
· Immersion heater
· Oven/Hob with resistive heating elements
· Electric shower
· Tungsten & halogen lighting
Type A Single phase with electronic components.
· Single phase invertors
· Class 1 IT and Multimedia equipment
· Power supplies for Class 2 equipment
· Appliances such as a washing machine that is not frequency controlled e.g. d.c. or universal motor
· Lighting controls such as a dimmer switch and home and building electronic systems LED drivers
· Induction hobs
· Electric Vehicle charging where any smooth DC fault current is less than 6 mA
Type A is also suitable for Type AC applications.
Type B Three phase electronic equipment typically:
· Inverters for speed control
· Electric Vehicle charging where any smooth DC fault current is greater than 6mA
· Photo voltaic
· Power Electronic Converter Systems (PECS) typically:
· Industrial machines
· Cranes
Type B is also suitable for Type AC and Type A applications.


Definition of Residual Current Waveform Waveform Leakage Circuit Breaker Type Tripping Range
Type AC Type A Type B
Tripping Current Tripping Time
Sinusoidal Exchange 0.5~1 IΔn 1 IΔn: t≤0.3s
2 IΔn: t≤0.15s
5 IΔn: t≤0.04s
Pulsating Half Wave 0.5~1.4 IΔn
Pulsating Half Wave + Direct Current (6mA) Max 1.4 IΔn
Pulsating Half Wave + Direct Current (10mA) Max 1.4 IΔn
High Frequency
(up to 1KHz)
0.5~2.4 IΔn
0.5~6 IΔn
1~14 IΔn
Two Phase rectified full wave 0.5~2 IΔn 2 IΔn: t≤0.3s
4 IΔn: t≤0.15s
10 IΔn: t≤0.04s
Three Phase rectified full wave 0.5~2 IΔn
Direct Current 0.5~2 IΔn

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