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Product description

TAIXI PZ30 Plastic Electrical Distribution Box (with the same Merlin Gerlin MCB distribution box, also known as Merlin box), it is used for the single-phase two-wire or four-wire terminal circuit of AC 50H / 60Hz, rated voltage to 220V / 380V, load current of 100A and below, a complete set of equipment for electrical equipment to provide protection of control, overload, short circuit, overvoltage and leakage, to choose different circuits according to customer demand. Plastic Electrical Distribution Box is widely used in high-rise buildings, buildings, residential, community, railway stations, ports, docks, airport shopping malls and industrial and mining enterprises, easy installation, beautiful appearance.

PZ30 Plastic Electrical Distribution Box meets standards of GB7251.3 and GB17466. The MCB distribution box has a neutral terminal block, a ground terminal block and a DIN rail, it can be used with ABB / TAIXI / CHINT / DELIXI and other terminal distribution protection products. The cabinet is available in six standard sizes, 8-bit, 10-bit, 13-bit, 16-bit, 20-bit and 23-bit, one bit for each single-level switch.

(Merlin Gerin distribution box) PZ30 Plastic Electrical Distribution Box has metal bottom, the box cover is made of high quality plastic molded, with good rigidity, toughness and flame resistance, the standard plastic cover is RAL7035 light gray , with brown transparent plastic live cover. Two kinds of boxes are equipped with independent grounding screws to ensure continuity of grounding: vertical and horizontal adjustment of DIN rail and design of connecting holes provide the most convenience installation for customers. By the adjustment of components, to solve the problem of too deep reserved for the bottom box, so that the surface cover and the installation wall are completely consistent; cover has structure of self-locking positioning, with self-locking positioning function when opening, to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the switch for customers.

PZ30 Plastic Electrical Distribution Box (MCB distribution box) installation is divided into: wall-hung installation (surface mounted); built-in installation (concealed).

Terminal block of new and improved Merlin Gerin distribution box can be removable, to solve the trouble that terminal is easy to lose in the field: the terminal block can be freely installed in the top or bottom of the bottom box. To meet requirements about inlet and outlet of up-in and up-out or up-in and down-out for the customer.
PZ30 Plastic Electrical Distribution Box complete sets of installation: (advantages: save freight, rich local resources and reduce costs)

Customized solutions:
1. The customers contact us, provide PZ30 drawings;
2. We quote according to drawings (internal products brand can be specified by the customer: CHINT, DELIXI and other brands)
3. Sign a contract, the customer pay the deposit; (Early can do a sample for review)
4. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will start to produce the box in accordance with the requirements of the contract;
5. After receipt of the goods, the customer pay the balance.

Main technical parameters

MCB distribution box specifications

12,15,18,20,24,30,36,40,45,54,60, a total of 12 kinds;
Of which: 8-20 loop for the single row,

24-40 for the two rows,

45-60 for the three rows

Rated voltage AC400V(+-20%)50-60HZ

Rated current / Max continuous

input current (A)

8-20 bit for 63A

24-60 bit for 125A

Panel configuration

Transparent door / opaque door single row,

2 row and 3 row:

door open up to 90 degrees

Panel material Insulation

Polycarbonate PC material,

high-quality flame-retardant

refractory materials

Color White; MAL9003

IEC 60439.3,



Protection level

IEC 60529,

IP40 indirect contact

with the 2 levels protection

(Mounting insulation seat on fixed screw)

Resistance to fire and

abnormal heat capacity

surface, concealed
Box Box structure

High quality cold-rolled steel plate,

the surface electrostatic spray

Box material

High compressive strength,

easy concealed installation,

large adjustable range,

can be embedded in a thin wall

Unique structure

The mid rectangle hole,

four sides have gong holes of

different sizesto simplify the installation hole

The bottom of the tank

can be used reversely

Safety type zero and

ground terminal

The utility model relates

to a rotary and lifting omnibearing

adjusting bracket,

which perfectly solves

the trouble of the horizontal

direction inclination and

the deep installation caused

by the bottom box being preloaded.

TH35 standard rail

Integrated bracket,

the switch can be installed

in the box outside, complete

wiring into the whole

Large cross-section ground

and zero terminal

Large cross-section

A, B, C phase wire terminal

Accessory in the

MCB distribution box

Label: the control circuit mark

for front panel: the zero line

and the ground terminal have

been installed in the box

with zero row,

ground row signs and warning signs:

the user can use wire

or insulation busbar to

link (alternative) with

4 9-module circuit cover

plate in a box,

for use when increasing

or decreasing the number of loops.

Models and Specifications Loop
Panel material Concealed installation Surface installation
B Length (mm) A Width (mm) C Depth (mm) B Length (mm) A Width (mm) C Depth (mm)
PZ30 distribution box 4# ABS 185 107 85 215 130 85
6# 185 143 85 215 168 85
8# 185 179 85 215 215 85
10# 185 215 85 215 240 85
12# 185 250 85 215 273 85
15# 185 305 85 215 325 85
18# 215 360 85 245 390 85
20# 215 395 85 245 425 85
24# 310 250 85 295 340 85
30# 310 305 85 340 350 85
36# 330 360 85 367 402 85
40# 470 400 85 490 425 85
45# 635 305 85 660 325 85
54# 725 360 85 745 385 85
60# 725 395 85 745 420 85
Note: the conventional thickness of iron sheet of inner box in the small distribution box (base) is 1mm, customers with the pursuit of cost-effective can choose thick bottom box of 0.8mm/0.6mm, customers with high demand can choose thick bottom box of 1.2~2mm

Outline dimension chart

Keywords: plastic Electrical Distribution Box , MCB distribution box

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