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Scope of Application

TXOUVRS-100 Voltage Protector (overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices) is a new generation of home appliances protection device developed by our company according to electric supply situation. The control circuit adopts the high-speed micro low-power processor as the core, the magnetic-holding relay as the main circuit and the modular standard design. When the power supply circuits have over-voltage or under-voltage, the overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices can be cut off quickly and safely under continuous high pressure impact, to avoid abnormal voltage into the terminal caused by electrical accidents, when the voltage returned to the normal, the overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices will automatically turn on the circuit within the specified time, to ensure that the terminal appliances normally operate in unattended conditions.
It is applicable to three-phase AC voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz, rated current 100A and below of the user or load. Mainly used for residential household boxes inlet wire or protecting the three-phase power distribution equipment. The product is simple to use, stable and reliable. TX45GQ-100 Voltage Protector (overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices) has compact structure, beautiful appearance, and can be installed in parallel with miniature circuit breaker.
This overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices meet the relevant requirements of GB14048.5.

Model and meaning

Product Feature

Prevent misoperation: the line is on transient or transient over-voltage suddenly, the overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices do not produce misoperation; when the line has voltage instability or a sudden power failure and a sudden call because of a poor contact and other malfunctions, the overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices do not connect lines;
Reliable action: protection is inverse time action characteristics, action time ≤ 1s;
Voltage protection range: 0 ~ 450V; When line fault voltage is the highest, the protector itself will not be damaged;
More safety, withstand impulse voltage: 4kV (conform with the safety standards of Ⅲ class electrical appliances);
Status indication: overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices have a light-emitting diode indicating the working state, green for the normal voltage indication, red for over-voltage indication or under-voltage indication;
Modular design, rail installation.

Main technical parameters

Operating VoltageAC380V、50Hz
Rated current32A,40A,60A,80A,100A
Overvoltage action cut-off valueAC460V±15
Undervoltage action cut-off valueAC300V±15
Action delay time≤60s
Electrical mechanical life≥100000
Working conditionGreen - Normal voltage indication, red - Undervoltage indication
Pole number3P、3P+N
Dimensions73x80x65 mm(L x W x H) / 108x80x65mm(L x W x H)
installationInstallation in the TH35-7.5 standard mounting rail, usually vertical installation
Rated current A32406080100
wire cross-section area mm²610163535

Outline dimensional drawing

Wiring diagram

Examples of application circuits(For down-in)

The overvoltage protection devices and undervoltage protection devices control three-phase four-wire load, power consumption does not exceed the rated capacity of the controller, it can be controlled directiy, the wiring method as shown below.


1,Correct wiring according to input (IN) and output (OUT) marked on the product (load power should be less than the rated power of the product)..
2, Two LED indicators's state on the panel: After the product connects to the power, the power indicate green light on, protection indicates red light on, OUT does not output power, after delay protection 1 minute, the protection indicates red light off, OUT output power normally.
3, When the voltage is too high or too low or default phase, the product into the protection state, red light on, automatically cut off the load source; voltage back to normal, delay 1 minute, the protection indicates red light off, the product automatically connects to the load power and return to normal output state.


1, When product input end connects to the power supply for the first time, it need to delay 1 min to supply power to the load .
2, Wiring: N means the zero line, L means the line of fire, do not take the wrong.
3, After the product connects to power, do not touch the live parts to avoid electric shock.
4, In order to prevent contact heating under strong current, you must tighten the wiring terminal screws, otherwise, the contact will be heated to damage the product or cause other accidents because of too large contact resistance.

Installation method

Note: The main circuit power must be disconnected before installation or removal

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