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AC30 Modular Socket (industrial DIN rail socket) is used for the circuit of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage of 110 / 230 / 400V, rated current of 16A/25A, mainly for the distribution system in the home, office, hotel, airport, wharf and other places, in combination with miniature circuit breaker and lighting distribution box directly, for non-professionals to use.
AC30 modular socket has a variety of product types: CN/AU/UK/DE/US/FR/IT Socket
AC30 modular socket (DIN rail socket) meets standards of IEC60884-1, GB2099 and others.


■ Rated Voltage: 125V / 240V / 400V AC
■ Rated Current: 10,16,25 A
■ Number of holes: 2 Holes, 3 Holes, 4 Holes
■ Socket Type: Chinese, German, American, Italian, British, French Standard
■ Electrical life: 1500 times
■ Ambient temperature
□ Use of ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃
■ Wiring
□ Terminal area: 10 ~ 25A, for the wire of 25mm² and below
■ Installation: DIN rail socket
■ Standards: GB2099 / GB1002 / GB1003

Model Specification Rated Current Rated Voltage Wiring Range Size
( L x W x H )
AC30-2P Chinese Standard 2 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 80 x 18 x 67MM
AC30-5P Chinese Standard 5 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 80 x 36 x 67MM
AC30-3P-16A Chinese Standard 3 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 80 x 36 x 67MM
AC30-3P-25A Chinese Standard 3 Holes 25A 240V ≤16mm2 80 x 54 x 67MM
AC30-4P-16A Chinese Standard 4 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 80 x 54 x 67MM
AC30-4P-25A Chinese Standard 4 Holes 25A 240V ≤16mm2 80 x 72 x 67MM
AC30-EU German Standard 2 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 75 x 45 x 63MM
AC30-US American Standard 3 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 75 x 45 x 63MM
AC30-IT Italian Standard 3 Holes 16A 240V ≤10mm2 75 x 45 x 63MM
AC30-UK British Standard 3 Holes 13A 240V ≤10mm2 75 x 45 x 63MM
AC30-FR French Standard 2 Holes 1 Plug 16A 240V ≤10mm2 75 x 45 x 63MM


Current grade (A) Screw Rated torque(N.m) Ultimate torque(N.m) Standard torque(N.m)
10-25 M5 2.5 4.5 2.0

AC30 modular socket is supporting electrical components installed indoor of modular terminal combination electric
appliance, can also be installed in other sets of electrical box, can plug in the electrical equipment. Suitable forDIN
rail socket mounting, and can be used in conjunction with other modular electrical appliances. with good contact



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