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Product description

TAIXI PZ40 Metal Meter Box (meter cabinet) is the terminal metering device equipped with micro-switch and watt hour meter. Metal meter box is welded by bent steel plate of 1~1.5mm, the top of the door has a meter perspective window. The bottom opens pores and is embedded with the panel and transparent small door made of plastic or flame-retardant material. Easy to observe the operation, the internal components have grounded zero terminal block. Install the plated rails and the plated table mounts of the modular switch.
Metal meter box adopts fully enclosed management for the electricity metering device. The main measure is closing metering circuit, it is effective to prevent theft of electricity. The metal meter boxes have gone through more than 10 years of on-site operation test and several times improvement, its technical performance meets national standards of GB17466-1998, in full compliance with the security requirements of national 3C, to fully meet the technical requirements of the various domestic regional power supply department.

Scope of Application

PZ40 Metal meter box (concealed installatio

Model Size(mm)
Case pack Weight Thickness Unit Price
PZ40(R)01 210*360*140 10 2 0.4 19.00
PZ40(R)02 310*360*140 10 2.8 0.4/0.5 25.00
PZ40(R)03 430*360*140 10 3.5 0.4/0.5 35.00
PZ40(R)04 560*360*140 5 4.3 0.5/0.6 45.00
PZ40(R)06 430*560*140 5 4.9 0.5/0.6 60.00
PZ40(R)08 560*610*140 5 8.8 0.6/0.7 80.00

PZ40 Metal meter box (surface installation)

Model Size (mm)
Case pack Weight Thickness Unit Price
PZ40(R)01 250*400*140 10 2 0.4 19.00
PZ40(R)02 350*400*140 10 2.8 0.4/0.5 25.00
PZ40(R)03 470*400*140 10 3.5 0.4/0.5 35.00
PZ40(R)04 600*400*140 5 4.3 0.5/0.6 45.00
PZ40(R)06 470*600*140 5 4.9 0.5/0.6 60.00
PZ40(R)08 600*600*140 5 8.8 0.6/0.7 80.00

Main technical parameters

Meter cabinet has overall style of innovative ideas, simple and smooth, beautiful appearance, easy installation, practical functional. The case is firm and transparent, the novel and compact structure, reasonable layout, good sealing performance. Users can flexibly adopt different installation schemes with different configurations according to the needs of the scene.
● 1. Overall structure: the components and wiring in the box can be seen directly, there are the economic simple type and full-featured type, to meet the basic anti-theft requirements.
● 2. Meter cabinet: it can be installed with the incoming line isolation switch and air switch. Clamshell design, customers can take air-switch operation, and can be locked. The Meter cabinet is equipped with double screw terminals.

Outline and installation dimensions

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