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Product overview

TXPZ2 Fiber Termination Box is the result of the development of information technology and popularization of fiber-optic technology, the realistic needs of two nets in one and three nets in one. Fiber Termination Box generally embedded in the indoor, which is used to install optical fiber user terminals, but also is key components of computers, telephones, television and other weak signal that are distributed indoors.
The Fiber Termination Box can be divided into the basic type and the extended type according to the configuration. The extended type can install the voice module, data module, router and so on in the function expansion panel. To meet the total integration of home weak business projects. This is the direction a number of weak current business connection of the family, the box panel can use two materials of cold-rolled steel plate or plastic.
The Fiber Termination Box is suitable for the wiring connection of the optical cable and the optical communication equipment. The optical signal is led out by the optical patchcord through the adapter in the wiring box, realizing function of the optical distribution. Suitable for protective connection of fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail, but also for the use of fiber-optic terminal point in the optical fiber access network.

Model and meaning

Product function features

The Fiber Termination Box supports ONU, battery backup, power adapter, fiber optic adapter and other integrated installation. Centralized management of telephone lines, network cable, optical patchcord, landscaping indoor environment. The functional areas should be relatively concentrated and meet the following requirements:
① Home communication terminal area: to meet installation space requirements of the ONU and other home terminal equipment.
② Optical fiber terminal area: to meet area of the optical fiber connection (cold connection or welding).
③ Equipment expansion area: to meet installation space of a variety of information panels, expansion modules (equipment).
④ Other accessories: equipped with the list (to facilitate the use of the use unit to identify the chassis number), power sockets and other accessories on the appropriate location of the upper part of the chassis door.
⑤ Product structure: flip-style grid structure, compatible with ONT of different sizes, non shielding effect on WIFI wireless signal. The bottom box has hollow design, universal backplane, adapter and other equipment to facilitate the installation. Special battery and power adapter installation positions, fiber optic adapter installation positions, fiber optic welding unit, concealed wiring structure support the fiber optic cable in and out of the homes from three directions of left-righ-bottom.
⑥ Box design: Modular design of products, can be increased or decreased flexibly according to the actual need from customers, do not need repeated construction to provide unified management of high reliability, high performance, clean network, television, telephone for families. Based on customer special needs, we can provide rapid customization services to fully meet customer demand.
⑦ Panel technical characteristics: single door has elegant design, convenient construction, the design of the streamline-type heat emission hole in the door provides good heat dissipation effect.

Installation requirements

1. The Fiber Termination Box should be embedded with the corresponding specifications and quantity of PVC plastic pipe to protect the various information points (telephone, broadband, ITV, cable TV, etc.), according to the number of cables to choose and use sectional material of different specifications of φ15-φ25. Plastic pipe should reduce S bend and right-angled bend in the embedded, the foreign matter should not enter into the tube when construction, threaded by the iron drawn wire in time, pay attention to moisture sealing of nozzle.
2. Home wiring should be networked in star mode, single cable is set between information box to the information point, the middle may not have connectors, when cable laying, to avoid circular motion, to avoid flooding and foreign matter damage. The cable specification should match the module model.
3. To facilitate the installation and maintenance, the indoor wiring threads into the information box, need to reserve the redundancy of 300mm, and need to reserve the redundancy of 150mm in the information box.
4. Each cable is recommended to identify nameplates of the corresponding room and location at the end of the information box, to facilitate installation and maintenance in the future.
5. The wiring panel interface of all cables in one end of the room must be in accordance with the T568B standard clamping into the end. The end of the information box must be in accordance with T568B standard to product RJ45 crystal head, when the business is opened, according to the actual needs, the telecom staff will come for you to debug and open it.
6. Installation height of information panel is generally 300mm from the ground with wall-mounted laying, or in accordance with the needs of home improvement design to position. Panel can choose 86 * 86mm Z-type or 120 * 70mm type, can also be based on decoration style; according to the need to configure RJ11 or RJ45 information outlet. The wall of TV in the users living room, bedroom should be placed RJ45 information outlet.
7. After the installation of information box with fixed-position, should not shift, box structure should not be changed.
8. Rubber-covered optical cable in the information box reserved should not be moved, need to do a good job to protect, to prevent fiber breakage, affect the use in the future.
9. The cabinet door in the information box is made of special materials, and should not be replaced or blocked.
10. Do a good job in safety grounding protection of the power line in the information box, guard against leakage.
11. Reasonable arrangements for the layout of the information box, do all kinds of cable banded, fixed.
12. Before installation, please read the wiring instructions for home improvement.

Technical parameter

Model and name

TXPZ2 Fiber Termination Box


PC plastic panel + metal bottom box;

metal panel + metal bottom box

Corrosion resistance and insulation Excellent
Abnormal heat resistance strong
Service life 20 years and more
Market positioning

Apartments, hotels,

office buildings, residential homes,

small business establishments, etc.

The biggest selling point

Divided into plastic panels

and metal panels, covering a wide range,

various specification and size

Strong expansion

According to the specific

situation of the family to

configure different modules

(data module, voice module,

security monitoring module, etc.)

Door opening Open 120° to the left
Panel material

Front cover uses engineering

plastics ABS+PC as raw material

for injection molding,

and meet the RoHS standard;

GB quality cold-rolled

steel sheet, surface paint

Box material

Box thickness: 0.8/1.0/1.2mm (optional)
Material: high quality

cold-rolled steel plate,

surface smoothing,

electrostatic spraying

Panel color

Milky white (RAL9003),

gray white, other colors

can be customized

Protection level IP30

Fire and abnormal heat

resistance of cover

Installation method Concealed/Surface
Use environment

Working temperature: -5℃~+70℃;

Storage temperature: -40℃ ~+70℃,

working humidity ≤ 95% (no condensation);

Atmospheric pressure: 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa

Equipment capacity

(1U=25mm) all A series standard

modules are available

Internal power supply

The box provides AC220V

power socket for

the ONU device.

Product size

Panel material Installation L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Optional panel thickness mm/Box thickness mm
Metal Concealed 300 250 120 06/10 08/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 343 293 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 350 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 393 343 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 400 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 443 343 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 450 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 475 323 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Plastic Concealed 300 250 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 325 273 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 350 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 375 323 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 400 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 425 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Concealed 450 300 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12
Surface 475 323 120 06/10 06/10 10/10 10/12

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