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TXDB1L-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker improved from by DZ30LE, the internal circuit board adopts integrated circuit, the performance is more superior and reliable!
TXDB1L-63 (DPN Vigi) (phase line + neutral line+ leakage + overvoltage) protection circuit breaker is suitable for the single-phase residential circuit of 50Hz / 60Hz, rated voltage of 230V, rated current of 63A, to protect leakage, and protect overload and short-circuit of the civil electrical circuit. The earth leakage switch can also infrequently switch on or off electrical equipment and lighting lines under normal circumstances, especially for industrial and commercial lighting distribution system. The earth leakage switch mcb has a small size, high breaking capacity; null line and live line are cut off at the same time, and in the case of live line reversed, the electric leakage circuit breaker still able to protect against leakage. The filter in the electronic leakage over-voltage protection can prevent the misoperation tripping caused by instantaneous voltage (lighting, line interference of other equipment) and instantaneous current (such as capacitive load line).
the electric leakage circuit breaker meets standards of GB16917.1 and others.


■Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, and the daily average temperature does not exceed +35℃.
■Altitude does not exceed 2000m.
■Atmospheric relative humidity at ambient air temperature of + 40℃ is not more than 50%, in the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. For example, + 20℃for 90% .Consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel and take appropriate measures.
■Pollution level is 2.
■Electromagnetic environment is the environment B.
■ The external magnetic field in the vicinity of the circuit breaker installation site does not exceed 5 times of the geomagnetic field in any direction.
■It is installed in distribution box, power distribution cabinet or box with standard rail (TH35-7.5).
■Installation is vertical installation generally, the inclination of the installation plane and the vertical plane is not more than ± 5°, handle-up means power-on.
■Installation site without significant impact and vibration, and hazardous (explosive) media and invasion of rain and snow.
■Installation categories: Ⅱ, Ⅲ level.


Rated Current 6A,10A,16A,25A,32A
Rated operating voltage 230V /400V AC
Rated insulation voltage: 500V
Rated residual operated current 30mA
Electrical Life 2000
Mechanical Life 8000
Breaking capacity: 4.5kA
Trip indicator: TXDB1L electric leakage circuit breaker has residual current operated trip indicator window, when leakage fault trip, the window changes from colorless to red
Wiring: 6 ~ 63A, can be connected to wires of 25mm ² and below
Standard IEC61009-1 / GB16917.1
Certification CCC, Cb
Tripping characteristics: C-type curve,protection of conventional load and distribution cables, instantaneous trip range (5 ~ 10) In

Current grade (A) Screw Rated torque(N.m) Ultimate torque(N.m) Standard torque(N.m)
6-40 M5 2.5 4.5 2.0


Model Pole Rated current (A) Rated current (A) Tripping type
Voltage(V) Short-circuit breaking capacity(A) cosφ
TXDB1L-63 1P+N 6、10、16、20、25、
230 4500 0.65-0.7 C

Rated residual operating current: 30mA; Rated residual non-operating current: 15mA; Rated residual making and breaking capacity: 2000A; Leakage action time: ≤ 0.1s; Withstand impulse voltage: Uimp = 4kV; Delay action characteristics: (see the table)

Tripping type Rated current(A) Test current Set time Set time Prospective
C ≤63 1.13ln Cold t≥1h Non tripping
≤63 1.45ln Hot t<1h Tripping
≤32 2.55ln Cold 1s<60s<> Tripping
≤32 1s<120s<>


Tripping type Tripping type(A) Initial state Set time Prospective result
C 5ln Cold t≤0.1s 1.2
C 10ln Cold t≤1h 2.0



the electric leakage circuit breaker is current action electronic leakage circuit breaker. It is an integrative miniature leakage protection circuit breaker designed for single-phase circuit, has large capacity and small size, to save resources and space for the user installation.
the electric leakage circuit breaker is mainly composed of contact, case, operating mechanism, electromagnetic system, tripping device, arc extinguishing device, zero-sequence transformer, electronic discriminating control circuit and tripping indication and other parts. The earth leakage switch has protection functions of overload, short circuit and leakage.
The working principle of the earth leakage switch
Overload protection: when the overload occurs, the bimetal promotes the lock, to make the circuit breaker trip to protect the circuit;
Short-circuit protection: When the short-circuit fault occurs, the electromagnetic coils create a strong magnetic field, the core promotes the lock quickly, to make the circuit breaker trip (cut off the power supply within 0.1s) and action protection;
Leakage protection: When leakage fault occurs in the protection circuit, current vector sum of the zero-sequence current transformer is not equal to zero, the transformer secondary output generates voltage, to make the SCR breakover, electromagnetic tripping system act, to make the trip with rod promoting circuit breaker trip, and cut off the power supply within 0.1s, which play a leakage protection.


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