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Scope of Application

DZ47-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker (125 amp Circuit Breaker) with protection of short circuit and overload, suitable for lighting and power distribution system and power distribution system of motor. DZ47-125 is cute, light and beautiful, and it has functions of reliable performance, high breaking capacity and quick tripping. It is mounted on the rail. The case and component are made of impact-resistant and highly fire-retardant plastic. DZ47-125 MCB has a long service life, and is mainly used for overload and short-circuit protection in AC 50Hz/60Hz circuits with voltage of 230V for single-pole and voltage of 400V for two-pole,three-pole and four-pole, and in normal condition, DZ47 MCB can switch infrequently the electric equipments and lighting circuits. DZ47 MCB can be installed with undervoltage release, shunt release and other accessories, also used for isolating switches and under-voltage protection and remote disconnection of circuit. DZ47-125 MCB (125 amp Circuit Breaker) meets the standards of IEC60947-2, GB14048.2 and GB10963.

Model and meaning

Product Model Pole Trip type Rated current
DZ47-125 1P C(Routine) 125

C:Type C
D:Type D

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

3.1 The ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, and the average temperature in 24h below +35 ℃.
3.2 The installation site altitude should not exceed 2000m.
3.3 The location of the air relative humidity in the highest temperature + 40℃ for not more than 50%; For example, + 20℃ for 90% . And consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel.
3.4 Pollution degree: 2.
3.5 Installation conditions: Installed in a place without significant impact, vibration, non-hazardous (explosive) medium. And in no explosion danger media, and medium without enough to corrode the metal and destruction of gas and electric insulation dust place, in no rain and snow hit place.
3.6 Installation: TH35-7.5 rail installation, installation in the distribution box, power distribution cabinet or box, the installation adopts vertical installation, The inclination of the mounting plane to the vertical plane should not exceed ± 5 °, handle-up means power-on.
3.7 Installation category: Class Ⅲ.

Technical parameters

■ Rated current: 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A
■ Rated operating voltage: 230 / 400V AC
■ Breaking capacity: 10kA
■ Indication window
□ Mechanical contact indication window, reliable cut-off instruction
□ The window is green and the contact is in the open state. The window is red and the contact is in the closed state
■ Impulse withstand voltage: 4kV
■ Rated insulation voltage: 500V
■ Accessories
□ OF auxiliary contact, MX + OF shunt release
■ Tripping characteristics
□ C-type curve: To protect conventional load and distribution cables, magnetic trip unit setting in the range of action 8.5In ± 20%
□ D-type curve: protect impact load of the large starting current (such as transformers, etc.), magnetic trip unit setting in the range of action 12In ± 20%

Current grade(A) Screw Rated torque(N.m) Ultimate torque(N.m) Standard torque(N.m)
63~125 M7 4.0 5.5 3.5

The circuit-breaker has a high current-limiting capability to limit the destructive energy greatly caused by short circuit. Its current-limiting characteristics shown in Figure 1

Over-current protection characteristics (reference temperature 35 ℃)

No. Rated current(A) Initial state Test current Set time Prosrective result Remark
a In=63 Cold 1.05In t≤1h Non tripping -
In>63 Cold 1.05In t≤2h Non tripping -
b In=63 Then after the last test 1.30In t<1h Tripping The current rise steadily to
a fixed value within 5S
In>63 Then after the last test 1.30In t<2h Tripping
c In>63 Cold 8In t≤0.2s Non tripping -
12In t<0.2s Tripping -

The current correction value used at different ambient temperatures

Corrected current value
Rated current(A)
-35 -30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
63 90.40 88.52


80.33 76.55 72.45 67.73 63 57.65 51.98 46.31 40.95
80 114.8 112 106.8 101.6 96.4 90.8 80 80 74 67.6 60.4 53.2
100 143.5 140.5 134.5 127.5 121 113.5 107.5 100 92.5 84.5 75.5 66.5
125 178.78 173.75 164.38 156.25 148.75 140.63 135 125 116.25 107.5 97.5 85

Current Correction Coefficient Used at Different Altitudes of DZ47 125 amp Circuit Breaker

Rated current(A) Correction coefficient at Different Altitudes
≤2000m (2000-3000)m ≥3000m
63,80,100,125 1.0 0.9 0.8

Mechanical Electrical Life of DZ47 125 amp Circuit Breaker

Rated current(A) Number of operating cycles
on-load(time) no-load(time)
63,80,100 1500 20000
125 1000 20000


Structural features of DZ47-125 125 amp Circuit Breaker
High rated short-circuit breaking capacity.
With red and green security instructions, higher security.
With energy storage mechanism operation, the contact close quickly, to overcome the adverse effects of the speed of the manually operated handle, greatly improving the product's service life.

Wiring: connection with the wire of (16 ~ 50) mm² , the terminal tightening torque is 3.5N · m.

Rated current In(A) Copper conductor nominal cross-sectional area(mm²)
63 16
80 25
100 35
125 50

Type C tripping characteristic curve of DZ47-125 MCB

Outline and installation dimension

Keywords: DZ47 MCB,125 amp Circuit Breaker

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