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Scope of Application

DZ20L Molded Case Circuit Breaker (160A/225A/300A/400A/630A Circuit Breaker, hereinafter referred to as DZ20L MCCB), mainly used in the distribution network of AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V, rated current of 630A, for leakage protection; it can also prevent electrical fire hazard caused by ground fault current from damaged equipment insulation; at the same time, DZ20L MCCB can also distribute power and protect overload and short-circuit of circuits and power equipment. DZ20L MCCB can also be used for the circuits of infrequent conversion. This products derived from the products have function of leakage alarm and non-tripping, can be applied to workplace with uninterruptible power supply.
The transparent case residual current operated circuit breaker derived from the series, its cover is made of polycarbonate material with new type, high temperature resistant and high strength. DZ20L LV Circuit Breaker (160A/225A/300A/400A/630A Circuit Breaker) can judge on or off of the contact state directly.
Meet the standards: GB14048.2, IEC60947-20.

Model and meaning


release mode

Accessory Name
Without accessories Shunt release Auxiliary contact Undervoltage release Auxiliary contact,
Shunt release
Auxiliary contact, Undervoltage release
Electromagnetic type 200 210 220 230 240 270
Thermal magnetic type 300 310 320 330 340 370

Note: 40,340,270,370 only apply to four-pole residual current operated circuit breaker. DZ20L-630 has no transparent cover products.

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

■ Normal working conditions: Ambient air temperature is -5℃~40℃, and average temperature in 24h is below +35℃;
Note: If users have special requirements for operating temperature of residual current operated breaker, in consultation with the manufacturer.
■ Altitude: The altitude of the installation site is not more than 2000m.
■ Atmospheric conditions: The air relative humidity in the highest temperature +40℃ is not more than 50%; In the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. The maximum average relative humidity is 90%, while the average monthly minimum temperature is +25℃, and consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel.
Pollution degree: 3
■ Installation conditions: Residual current operated circuit-breakers shall be installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. the upper terminal connects with the power side, the lower terminal connects with the load side, and the inclination of the vertical plane is not more than 5°, and shall not be installed in the place with shock and vibration and invasion of rain or snow.
■ Installation category: Ⅲ.
■ External magnetic field: The external magnetic field in the vicinity of the installation site of residual current operated circuit breaker does not exceed 5 times the geomagnetic field in any direction.

Main parameters and technical performance

Basic parameters of residual current operated circuit breaker (see Table 2)

Model Frame rated current

Rated operating


Rated frequency
Pole Rated current
(In) A

Rated residual

operating current

Rated residual

non-operating current

Residual current

action time(S)

DZ20L-160 160 380 50 3N 100、125、160 30、50、75、300 15、25、37.5、150 General type
(See Table 3)
Delay type
(See Table 4)





200 100
DZ20L-250 250 380 50 3N 200、250 30、50、75 15、25、37.5、150
100、150 50、75
4 160、180、200、225、250 200 100
300、500 150、250
DZ20L-400 400 380 50 3N 315、350、400 300 150
4 250、315、350、400 500 250
DZ20L-630 630 380 50 3N、4 500、630 100 50
200 100
300 150
500 250

Three adjustable-type residual operating current specifications optional as follows:

Note: The rated residual operating current of ≤ 30mA has no delay type, rated residual non-operating current I △ no = 0.5I △ n

Model Three adjustable-type residual operating current specifications(mA)






DZ20L-630 100、200、300;200、300、500

Breaking time of general type residual current operated circuit breaker (see Table 3)

Residual current I△n 2I△n 5I△n 10I△n
Maximum breaking time(s) 0.1 0.1 0.04 0.04
0.2 0.1 0.0.4 0.0.4

Breaking time of delay type residual current operated circuit breaker (see Table 4)

Delay time(S)

Max breaking

time at I△n (s)

At 2I△n

Max breaking

time at 5I△n (s)

Max breaking time at 10I△n (s)
Limit non-actuating time(S) Max breaking time(S)
0.1 0.3 0.1 0.3 0.25 0.25
0.2 0.4 0.2 0.4 0.35 0.35

Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity, rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity and rated residual making-breaking capacity (see Table 5)


Rated ultimate short

-circuit breaking capacity


Rated operation short circuit

breaking capacity (Ics)KA

Rated residual making-breaking

capacity (I△m)KA

Flashover distance
DZ20L-160 12 6 3 ≤60
DZ20L-250 15 8 4 ≤60
DZ20L-400 20 10 5 ≤80
DZ20L-630 20 10 5 ≤80

Residual current action characteristics:

Under normal operating conditions, the residual operating current of the circuit breaker is less than or equal to the rated residual operating current, and is greater than the rated residual non-operating current.
Residual current operated circuit breaker regards the main power supply as auxiliary power supply, the requirements are that the residual current operated circuit breaker operate normally between 0.85 ~ 1.1Ue.

Breaking characteristics of the over-current release:

Breaking characteristics of the over-current release in the case of short-circuit (see Table 6);
Breaking characteristics of the over-current release in the overload inverse time: When the ambient air temperature is +40℃, the residual current operated circuit breaker for distribution when each pole of the current release is power-on at the same time, the inverse time breaking action characteristics (see Table 7).

Clearances and creepage distances:

Clearance of residual current operated circuit breaker is not less than 5.5mm; creepage distance is not less than 9mm.

Inm A

Setting value of

operating current

Accuracy of

setting value

160、250、400、630 10In ±20%
Test current Setting current multiples Test time (h) Initial state
In≤63A In>63A


non-tripping current

1.05 ≥1 ≥2 Cold
Conventional tripping current 1.30 <1 <2 Hot

Mechanical and electrical life (see Table 8)

Inm A

Operation cycle

times per hour

Operation cycle times Total
Power-on Power-off
160、250 120 1000 7000 8000
400、630 60 1000 4000 5000

Internal accessories of residual current operated circuit breaker (installation according to user needs)
Shunt release: Rated control power supply voltage of shunt release: AC50Hz, 220V, 380V; between 70%~110% of the rated control supply voltage, residual current circuit breaker can break reliably.
Undervoltage releases: When the voltage drops (or even slow down) to 70% and 35% of the rated voltage range, undervoltage release should act; below 35% of the rated voltage of the release, the under-voltage release should prevent the residual current operated circuit breaker from being closed; when the supply voltage is equal to or greater than 85%, the under-voltage release should ensure that the residual current operated circuit-breaker is closed reliably. The under-voltage release rating is: AC50Hz, 220V, 380V.
Reminder: Residual current operated circuit-breakers with undervoltage release are to be operated only if the undervoltage release is rated at its rated voltage, otherwise the residual current operated circuit-breakers may be impaired!

Auxiliary contacts: Auxiliary contact rating of residual current operated circuit breaker in Table 9.

Frame rated current

Inm (A)

Conventional thermal

current Ith (A)

Rated current at

AC380V Ie (A)

Rated current at

AC220V Ie (A)

≤225 3 0.26 0.14
≥400 6 3 0.2

Leakage alarm module


■ Classification
  □ According to the pole: a. Four-pole residual current operated circuit breakers; b. Three-pole four-wire residual current operated circuit breakers.
  □ According to the residual current breaking time: a. General-type; b. Delay-type (residual operating current can only do a kind).
  □ According to the residual operating current: a. Non-adjustable type residual operating current; b. Residual operating current adjustable type (three kinds).
■ Structure and working principle
  □ Structure: This series residual current operated circuit breakers are current action type electronic residual current protection circuit breakers. The main components are: the main switch, zero-sequence current transformer, electronic amplification components, the residual current release, test device. All components are housed in a plastic case.
  □ Working Principles: When the protected circuits or power supply equipment have overload or short circuit, thermal magnetic release in the the main switch complete the delay or instantaneous tripping action, which cut off the power supply to play a protective role in overload or short circuit. When there is leakage current in the protected circuit, as long as the residual current reaches the setting operating current value, the secondary winding of the zero-sequence current transformer outputs a signal and operates by the residual current release, thus cutting off the power, to protect leakage and electric shock.

Outline and installation dimensions

Model Pole Outline dimensions(mm)
DZ20L-160 3N、4 143 225 104.5 88.5 2.5 2 38 22
DZ20L-250 3N、4 144 276 143 105 6 2 21 21
DZ20L-400 3N、4 206 360 152 115 5 2 24 24
DZ20L-630 3N、4 28 360 152 112 5.5 3 25 25
Model Pole Installation dimensions(mm)
L L1 L2 L3 L4 W1 W2 W4 a b φd Screw
DZ20L-160 3N、4 - - 70.5 48.5 52 35 32 - 70 204 φ4.3 M4X30
DZ20L-250 3N、4 - - 89.5 55 110 35 34 - 70 240 φ4.3 M4X40
DZ20L-400 3N、4 475 449 90 75 106 51 53 30 102 324 φ7 M4X40
DZ20L-630 3N、4 450 422 88 77 106 70 59 40 140 300 φ7 M4X45

Ordering Information

7.1 Write the following points when ordering:
A. Residual current operated circuit breaker name, type. Such as: DZ20L-400 / 3N3 10T 400A 200mA 0.4S AC 220V residual current operated circuit breakers;
B. Rated current. Such as: 400A Circuit Breaker;
C. Rated residual operating current. Such as: 200m;
D. The number of orders. Such as: 100;
E. Delay time 0.45;
F. With shunt release AC220V type;
G. Transparent cover products.
7.2 Ordering example: If DZ20L-400 / 3N300 residual current operated circuit breaker, rated current 400A Circuit Breaker, rated residual operating current 200mA, a total of 100.
7.3 If a time-delay residual current operated circuit-breaker is required, the delay time or breaking time shall be stated. Such as: delay time of 0.2s or breaking time of 0.4s.
7.4 If you need to adjustable-type residual current operated circuit breakers, should write the three kinds of residual operating current. Such as "100mA, 3200mA, 300mA" three kinds.
Residual current operated circuit breakers have special requirements in consultation with the manufacturer.

Keywords: DZ20L, 400A Circuit Breaker

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