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Scope of Application

DZ15 Molded Case Circuit Breaker (40A/100A Circuit Breaker, hereinafter referred to as MCCB), for the circuit of AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V, rated current of 100A, for protecting overload and short circuit of distribution and motor, DZ15 Lv Circuit Breaker can be used in the circuits of infrequent conversion and the motor of infrequent use.
Transparent case circuit breaker derived from the series, its cover is made of polycarbonate material with new type, high temperature resistant and high strength. DZ15 can be judged the contact state directly, and is widely used in the temporary electric field for construction site.
DZ15 MCCB (40A/100A Circuit Breaker) meets the standards: GB14048.2, IEC60947-20.

Model and meaning

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

■ The altitude of the installation site is not more than 2000m
■ Ambient air temperature: -5℃~40℃, and average temperature in 24h is below +35℃.
■ Atmospheric conditions: The air relative humidity in the highest temperature + 40℃ for not more than 50%; In the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. The maximum average relative humidity is 90%, while the average monthly minimum temperature is +25℃, and consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel.
■ Installation conditions: installed in the place without impact vibration and invasion of rain and snow, the upper terminal connects with the power side, the under terminal connects with the load side, and the inclination of the vertical plane is not more than 5°.
■ Installation category: Ⅲ.
■ Pollution degree: 3.

Main parameters and technical performance

Technical Parameters of DZ15 MCCB (40A/100A Circuit Breaker)


Rated voltage
(Un V)

Frame rated current(A) Pole Rated current

Rated ultimate short-circuit

breaking capacity(Icu kA)

Rated operation

short circuit breaking

capacity(Ics kA)

flashover distance
DZ15-40 380 40 2 20,25,32,40 3 3 ≤50
3 10,16,20,25,32,40
DZ15-100 380 100 2、3 63,100 5 2.5 ≤70

Operating cycle index and test parameters in accordance with Table 2

Protection category There are load operating conditions Number of operations cycles

Operating cycle index

On Off cosφ On-load No-load Total
Motor Ue 6In 0.17Ue 6In 0.35 1500 8500 10000 120/h
Distribution Ue In Ue In 0.8 1500 8500 10000 120/h

Protective Characteristics of Circuit Breaker Overcurrent Release for Distribution Protection

Ambient air temperature Test current / Rated current Tripping time Initial state
In>63A In≤63A
+30±2℃ 1.05 Non tripping within 2h Non tripping within 1h Cold
1.30 Tripping witnin 2h Tripping witnin 1h Hot

Protection Performance of Circuit Breaker Overcurrent Release for Motor Protection

Ambient air temperature Test current / Rated current Test time Initial state
+20±2℃ 1.0 Non tripping within 2h Cold
1.2 Tripping witnin 2h Hot

Outline and installation dimensions

Frame rated current(A) Pole Outline dimension(mm) Installation dimensions(mm) Mounting screw
A B C D E F 安装孔φd
40 2 53±1.50 62±2.0 88±1.75 73.5±1.5 - 120±0.4 φ4.5 M4X35
3 78±1.5 162±2.0 88±1.75 73.5±1.5 25±0.26 120±0.4 φ4.5 M4X35
100 2 66±1.75 171±2.0 96±1.75 80±1.5 - 130±0.5 φ5 M5X35
3 96±1.75 171±2.0 96±1.75 80±1.5 30±0.26 130±0.5 φ5 M5X35
Rated current(A) 6 10 16 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100
Copper wire cross-sectional area(mm²) 1.0 1.5 2.5 2.5 4 6 10 10 16 25 35

Keywords: DZ15,100a Circuit Breaker

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