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Scope of Application

HL30 Electrical Isolation Switch (Also known as electrical mains isolator switch), it is used for the power distribution and control circuit of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 230V / 400V and below, mainly as the main switch of terminal appliances ,it can also be used to control all kinds of motors, low-power electrical appliances and lighting and so on, electrical mains isolator switch is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, commercial and family and other places.
This electrical mains isolator switch meets the GB14048.3 standard.

Model and meaning

Technical parameters

■ Rated current: 20,32,63,100A
■ Rated working voltage: 230 / 400V AC
■ Disconnect switch
  □ handle with a bar code instructions, effectively breaking display
  □ The indicator bar is green, the contact is in the open state; the indicator bar is red and the contact state is in the closed state
Rated short-circuiting capability: 1066A (le: 20 ~ 63A), 1692A (le: 100A), the peak
■ Rated short-time withstand current: 756A (le: 20 ~ 63A), 1200A (le: 100A), 1 second
■ Mechanical life: 8500 times
■ Electrical life: 1500 times
■ Use category: AC-22A
  □ Terminal area: 20 ~ 100A, for 50mm ² and below the wire
■ Pole: one pole isolating switch, double pole isolating switch and others
■ Meet the standard: IEC6947-3 / GB14048.3
■ Compliance with certification: CCC certification

Current grade(A) Screw Rated torque(N.m) Ultimate torque(N.m) Standard torque(N.m)
20~100 M7 4.0 5.5 3.5

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

Ambient temperature: -25℃~+60℃
Altitude: ≤ 2000m
Pollution level: 2
Installation categories: Ⅱ, Ⅲ
Installation: Adopt TH35-7.5 type mounting rail, The inclination of the installation surface and vertical plane was less than 5°
Wiring: tighten the wiring with screws, tightening torque is 2.5N.m

Structural features

HL30 electrical mains isolator switch contact system adopts double break direct acting structure, high current selects two parallel and contact group, both to increase the current capacity and also make full use of electric power compensation. At the same time, the spring of handle operating mechanism store energy to break-make rapidly. To overcome the impact of slow manpower operation and greatly improve the possibility of the work, there are striking identification show the contact on and off to prevent misuse and improve security.

Main technical parameters

Rated operating current (Ie A) Pole Making-breaking capacity Rated short-circuit making capacity(A) Rated short time withstand current
I U cosΦ
32,63,100 1 3Ie 1.05 0.65 20Ie(Peak) 12Ie
32,63,100 2,3,4 3Ie Ue 0.65 cosΦ=0.95 12Ie

Installation and usage

■ Before installing HL30 HL30 electrical mains isolator switch, check whether the switch is in accordance with the actual operating conditions.
■ Installing into the installation rail according to the graphical position, the handle push-up means making, indication sign is red; handle pull-down means breaking, indication sign is green.
■ The power supply line is accessed from the top of the switch and connect the outlet from the bottom, copper wire should be tightened, should not be loose , or copper wire is exposed outside the terminal.
■ Before power-on, there are switches manually operate several times in advance, it should be flexible and reliable and has no blocking phenomenon.
■ HL30 electrical mains isolator switch should not be affected by rain in the use, storage, transportation and other processesn.
■ HL30 electrical mains isolator switch can carry (short-circuit) current under abnormal circuit condition for a certain period of time, or it can be appropriate overload of less frequent making-breaking , but it can not be used for breaking fault current.

Rated operating current Ie(A) Copper wires nominal cross-sectional area (mm²)
32 6
63 16
100 35
125 50

Outline and installation dimensions

Keywords: double pole isolating switch, electrical mains isolator switch

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