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Scope of application

DZ47-B125 Miniature Circuit Breaker (B curve Circuit Breaker), dedicated to the electric motorcycle, and B curve MCB is mainly used for over-load and short-circuit protection in DC circuits with rated voltage of 64V-72V for single-pole and rated current of 125A. In normal condition, B curve MCB can switch infrequently the electric equipments and lighting circuits.
DZ47-B125 B curve Circuit Breakercomplies with the standards of GB10963.1 and IEC60898-1.

Model and meaning

The main parameters and technical performance

Main Specifications of DZ47-B125 B curve Circuit Breaker:
According to the rated current: 80A, 100A, 125A.
Rated operating voltage: 64V, 72V
According to the form of circuit breaker instantaneous release: a. B type curve MCB (3In ~ 5In); b. C type curve MCB (5In ~ 10In).
Mechanical electrical life: a. Electrical life: not less than 4000 times; b. Mechanical life: not less than 10000 times.

Wiring: 50mm² and below for wire connection, wiring method is screws to tighten the wiring, the torque is 3.5N · m.

Rated current In(A) Copper conductor nominal cross-sectional area(mm²)
80 25
100 35
125 50

Outline and installation dimensions

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