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Scope of Application

TXF7GQ-63 Voltage Protector with auto-reclosing function (automatic voltage protector) takes miniature circuit breaker with short circuit overload protection as the main switch, equipped with the ultra-miniature intelligent electric operation device with the relay, to detect the power supply voltage, and to achieve functions of over-voltage or undervoltage trip protection and automatic recovery circuit after voltage recovery, to ensure safe operation of the load device in the normal voltage range. The automatic voltage protector is integrated OUPA, compared with the ordinary split, it eliminates the wiring troubles, without considering the upper and lower wiring problem, more convenient to install. Integrated OUPA has more compact and comfortable shape, is the best choice for high-end residential sites, mainly applied to the occasion of voltage instability or the device protection that is sensitive to voltage changes.
Automatic voltage protectors meet the JGJ242-2011 "Design codes for residential buildings" and "Over-voltage and under-voltage protective device with auto-reclosing function (OUPA) standards." The series automatic voltage protectors have compact size, high breaking capacity, more reliable action, human-computer interaction interface of good performance.

Model and meaning

Product features

1. The overall use integrated design structure, 35mm standard rail to fix, to quickly install, repair or replace for customers;
2. Detect voltage with the relay for opening and closing operation, to protect too low or too high circuit voltage;
3. Fast and reliable opening-closing operation, and the choice of TXB7N-63 miniature circuit breaker platform, high breaking capacity;
4. 2P/1P+N or 4P/3P+N miniature circuit breakers or the corresponding leakage circuit breakers can be chosen;
5. Over-voltage protection, overload and short circuit protection, protection states indication
6. Co-opted function of automatic voltage protector: leakage protection, remote control, fault alarm

The main technical parameters

Wiring mode 1P+N/2P Single-phase
3P+N/4P Three-phase four-wire
Rated operating voltage (Un) 1P+N/2P 230V AC / 50Hz
3P+N/4P 400V AC / 50Hz
Undervoltage protection value 170V±5V(Recovery value: 190V±5V)
Undervoltage opening delay Fixed delay T1≤0.1s
Overvoltage protection value 270V±5V (Recovery value: 250V±5V)
Overvoltage opening delay Fixed delay T2≤1s
Self-recovery closing delay Fixed delay T3=10s±2s

Overload short

circuit protection type


Breaking capacity of

circuit breaker(Icn)

Dielectric strength: 2500VAC 1minute

Withstand voltage

level (Uimp):

Mechanical life: 4000 times,3 times/min
Action time: Opening≤0.2s, closing≤0.5s (No delay)
Protection class: IP20
Working temperature: -25°C~60°C
Air relative humidity: ≤95%

Fault alarm contact


1 normally open,50VDC(200mA)

(If there is such a feature)

Action process

Detect that voltage exceeds

the undervoltage protection

value or over-voltage protection

value, opening after fixed opening delay,

wait until the voltage recovery,

automatic closing after fixed

automatic closing delay

Indicator light:

Green constant bright:

normal operation, closing state

Red constant bright:

overvoltage / undervoltage fault

Outline and installation dimensions

Keywords: automatic voltage protector

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