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Intelligent reclosing power protector is a successful intelligent product developed by using the principle of mechanical automation and combined with high voltage intelligent recloser controller technology. It can solve the problems that tripping of the switches can not make the equipment automatically restore power supply after power outage caused by the thunderstorm, unstable grid impact, man-made and other transient faults, the device can provide stable and reliable power supply for electric equipment, thereby prolonging the service life of equipment, improve the network service quality, reduce the cost of network maintenance. Products are suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz / 60Hz, rated current 63A. If there are leakage, overcurrent, short circuit, over voltage and undervoltage failure in the circuit, it can quickly cut off the power supply line, can automatically reclose to connect the power line after the fault is eliminated, without manual closing, to ensure the power supply safety and continuity of electrical equipment and circuits. It is suitable for various environments, such as communication base stations, repeater, satellite ground receiving station, microwave relay station, video surveillance, safe city, cable TV, digital TV, network switch, optical transmitter and receiver, meteorological telemetry station, earthquake monitoring station, photovoltaic and cage, smart home, unattended simple room, outdoor integrated cabinet, integrated access special equipment chassis, confidential outdoor and unattended equipment and other places. This product conforms to “GB6829-1995 General requirements for residual current operated protective devices”, "GB16917. 1-2003 Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCBOs)”

Function Introduction

○ Detection before closing: Intelligent reclosing power protector detects the line before switching on, input over-voltage, undervoltage, leakage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, do not switch on if any fault exists , and prevents the accident before the accident occurs.
○ Over-voltage protection: When the voltage between the null line and live wire of the input end is greater than 275V or set value, the protector trip for protection.
○ Undervoltage protection: When the voltage between the null line and live wire of the input end is less than 165V or set value, the switch trip for protection.
○ Overcurrent protection: When the supply current is greater than or equal to 1.15 times the rated current, over current for more than 3 seconds, the switch trip for protection.
○ Short circuit protection: When the supply current is greater than or equal to 3 times the rated current, the switch will protect within 0.1 second and trip to cut off the power supply.
○ Leakage protection: When the leakage or personal shock over the set occur in the line, the automatic reclosing power protector is cut off within 0.1s, to ensure personal safety.
○ Zero line disconnection protection: After the external zero line is loose or cut off, the three-phase voltage is not balanced to a certain value, the protector trip for protection.
○ Automatic cut-off when power off: Automatic cut-off when the line is power off, automatic closing and power-on when the normal power supply is detected after re-energized.
○ Intelligent Leakage Identification: Automatically detect the voltage, zero line and others in the power line before closing. If any fault occurs, refuse to switch on.
○ Auto-reclosing: After the tripping caused by above-mentioned faults occurs, automatically reclose for power-on after a certain time interval.
○ Automatically save the trip information: Automatically save the various information when tripping, including the trip time, trip type (cause), voltage, current, leakage current and other information. Provide the basis for fault analysis.
○ Sound and light failure alarm: While the above protection is off, the different indicator lights are on, indicating the corresponding fault type and alarm sounds at the same time.
○ Remote monitoring: With RS485 interface, easy to connect with the existing system equipment for remote monitoring. Real-time view voltage, current, leakage current, number of trips, trip type (cause), total number of alarms, switch status and other data by software.

Main technical parameters

○ Rated voltage: AC220V ○ Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ;
○ Rated output current: In ≥ □10A □16A □20A □25A □32A □40A □45A □50A □63A, special current can be set by yourself.
○ Leakage protection adjustable range: 10 ~ 90mA, factory leakage protection action is 25mA
○ Overvoltage protection adjustable range: AC220V-280V, factory overvoltage setting value is 275V
○ Undervoltage protection adjustable range: AC140V ~ 220V, factory undervoltage setting value is 165V
○ Overcurrent protection setting range: 1A ~ 63A
○ Short circuit protection setting current: ≥3In
○ Local power consumption: <3w
○ Operating voltage range: AC140V ~ 320V
○ Leakage protection action time: ≤ 0.1S
○ Over / under voltage protection action time: 2 ~ 5S
○ Overcurrent protection action time: 2 ~ 5S
○ Short-circuit protection action time: 0.1S
○ Lightning protection performance: in the L-N, plus 1.2 / 50us (8 / 20us) combination wave, 2kV does not produce malfunction, 6kV does not damage
○ Fault alarm: The line fault will sound the alarm, can close it without alarm sound!
○ Real-time current, voltage, leakage current display error: ≤ 5%
○ Max number of fault messages saved: 9999
○ Communication baud rate: Rs485 9600 ○ Communication address range: 1 ~ 247

The relationship between the number of intelligent reclosing and the time (denoted by X-nT in the menu) is as follows:
Number of automatic reclosing 0-n T 1-nT 2-nT 3-nT 4-nT 5-nT
Time of automatic reclosing The product has no automatic reclosing function, any failure, need to manually close 30 s 5 min 10 min 30 min 1 hour

Operation Instructions And Panel Instructions:
Operation on the measurement interface:
(1) Long press "Set / Switch" key for 5 seconds; from the main interface into the parameter settings interface, parameter settings interface operation see above;
(2) Short press "Set / Switch" key: can view the current voltage (220V), current (15.0A), leakage current (28mA); if no operation in 10 seconds, automatically return to the voltage display interface;
(3) Short press "Reset / Query" key: Can view the total number of failures in turn (Overvoltage / undervoltage / overcurrent / leakage indicator lights are on at the same time), number of overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and leakage failure; If no operation in 10 seconds, automatically return to the voltage display interface;
(4) Long press "Reset / Query" key for 5 seconds: clear all the number of failures;
(5) Short press "▲ / Mute" key: The buzzer sound can be silenced;
(6) Short press "Test" button: Leakage function test.
Operation on the measurement interface:
(1) Short press "Set / Switch" key: Switch to set overvoltage setting value, undervoltage setting value, overcurrent setting value, leakage setting value, auto reclosing frequency and communication address in turn.
(2) Short press "▲ / Mute" key: Can increase the current setting value;
(3) Short press "▼": Can reduce the current setting value;
(4) Long press "Set / Switch" key: Exit the parameter settings.

When the installation the intelligent reclosing power protector is completed and correct, please connect the power supply. Switch on the "Master Switch", intelligent reclosing power protector immediately switch on the circuit. Press the "Test" button, intelligent reclosing power protector cut off the circuit, "Leakage Indicator" light is on, after 30 seconds, automatically restore power supply, which means intelligent reclosing power protector work normally. So far, you have correctly installed the "intelligent reclosing power protector", you can enjoy safety and convenience of the intelligent reclosing leakage protection switch.
You'd better perform regular tests in accordance with the above test procedures to confirm that the intelligent reclosing power protector is normal.
When you do not need electricity for a long time, you can turn off the "Master Switch", the intelligent reclosing power protector cut off the circuit, which is equivalent to opening the main gate.
1. The power switch is in the "ON" position after power on, the operation indicator light is on, indicates that intelligent reclosing power protector has been energized.
2. Automatic close, the output indicator light on the panel is on, indicates that power supply is normal.
3. Press the "Test" button, or electrical equipment leaks, the intelligent reclosing power protector immediately cut off the output line, indicating leakage protection function is normal. At this time the leakage indicator light is on. The switch will automatically reclose first after 30 seconds. If the leakage fault persists, will trip immediately after closing, the switch will reclose for the second time after 5 minutes. If the leakage fault still exists, the third reclosing after 10 minutes. After three closing, if the leakage fault still exists, then the switch will enter the self-locking state, not reclosing. At this time, the power switch should be cut off. After troubleshooting, the power switch can be on and automatically close.
4. Overvoltage protection: When the supply voltage ≥ 275V, the protector into overvoltage protection state, trip and power off. The voltage indicator on the panel is on. After 30 seconds, the switch automatically reclose.
5. Undervoltage protection: When the supply voltage ≤ 165V, the protector into undervoltage protection state, trip and power off. The voltage indicator on the panel is on. After 30 seconds, the protector auto reclose.

Installation Method And Use

(1) The protector is mounted on the wall or in the mainframe box, to avoid direct rain and sun.
(2) The protector should be at the bottom of the circuit breaker or knife switch, power supply is connected with the input end, the load is connected with the output end.
(3) If the protector is energized for 10 seconds, the red light is on, shows that the line has the corresponding fault, turn off the protector for 10 seconds, then close it, if still can not switch on for power transmission, indicates that the leakage current exceeds the specified value, or there are over-current, short-circuit in the circuit, should cut off all load and immediately identify the reasons, eliminate the trouble, then can send electricity.
(4) The protector can replace the existing leakage switch and circuit breaker. When installing the protector, which can not be used simultaneously with the existing ordinary leakage switch, and the installed leakage protection switch should be disassembled.
(5) Access to the power supply, power supply line and grounding wire according to the protection panel logo, especially pay attention to the input and output can not be reversed.

Installation Dimension

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