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Product Overview

TSGC2 Three Phase Voltage Regulator is made of three single phase contact voltage regulators adopting "Y"-shaped connection; the carbon brush holder is mounted on the same central shaft, and the rotating shaft drives three coaxial carbon brushes to make the brush slide along the coil surface to change the contact position of the brush, that is, to change the turn ratio of primary and secondary coil, so that the output voltage can be adjusted smoothly in the voltage regulation range.

Model and Meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
Three Phase Voltage Regulator Ambient temperature: the highest temperature is +40°C, the highest monthly average temperature is +30°C, the highest annual average temperature is +20°C, the lowest temperature is -5°C
The average relative humidity in the wettest months is less than 90%, while the average Min temperature in the month is 25°C.
Waveform of the power supply voltage: approximates the sine wave.
Three Phase Voltage Regulator Installation environment: Cannot be used in parallel; Indoor use; The installation site should not have gas, steam, dust, grime, chemical deposits and other explosive and aggressive media that seriously affect the insulation of the regulator; the installation site should be no severe vibration and bumps.
Any special use conditions other than normal use conditions that need to meet the above requirements shall be stated in the inquiry and order.

Main parameters and technical performance

Model TSGC Three-phase AC voltage regulator
Input voltage V 380
Output voltage V 0~430
Max voltage drop V 5 (cosφ=1)
Temp rise K <60
Frequency Hz 50/60
Insulation Resistance MΩ ≥5
Withstand Voltage V/1min 2000
Insulation grade A
Max rated current A 2 4 8 12 20 27 40 60
Max rated power kVA 1.5 3 6 9 15 20 30 45
Standard JB/T8749.3

Outline and lnstallation Dimension

Model Outline Dimension
TSGC2-1.5 125 160 340
TSGC2-3 175 215 435
TSGC2-6 195 230 440
TSGC2-9 205 240 480
TSGC2-15 235 310 570
TSGC2-20 345 400 580
TSGC2-30 345 450 1050
TSGC2-45 345 450 1050

Wiring Diagram

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