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Scope of Application

TXW1-1000 series universal type circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage AC400V, AC690V, rated working current up to 1000A and below distribution network, used to distribute electrical energy and protect the circuit and power equipment free Overload, undervoltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other fault hazards; the circuit breaker has an intelligent protection function, selective protection is precise, can improve the reliability of power supply, and avoid unnecessary power outages.
The circuit breaker can be widely applied to power stations, factories, mines and modern high-rise buildings, especially distribution systems in intelligent buildings.
Meet the standards: GB14048.2, IEC60947-2.

Normal working conditions

1. Ambient temperature: The ambient air temperature is -5°C~+40°C; the average value for 24h does not exceed +35°C (except for special declarations).
2. Altitude: The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.
3. Limit atmospheric conditions: Atmospheric relative humidity does not exceed 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40°C. It can have relatively high relative humidity at lower temperatures, and the average maximum relative humidity of the wettest month is 90%. The monthly mean minimum temperature for this month is +25°C and takes into account the condensation that occurs on the surface of the product due to temperature changes.
4, pollution level: 3 levels.
Note: The circuit breaker shall be installed in accordance with the installation requirements of the manufacturer's instruction manual. The vertical inclination of the circuit breaker shall not exceed 5°.

Installation and use

1. Disassemble the circuit breaker from the fixed bottom plate of the packing box. If it is a drawer type circuit breaker, first pull out the handle of the lower part of the drawer of the circuit breaker and insert it into the hole in the middle of the plastic cover of the lower part of the drawer frame. Turn the handle counterclockwise to open the circuit breaker. The device body will slowly slide towards the outside of the drawer seat. When the lower indicating guide rod is pointed to the separated position and the handle has been unable to rotate, the handle is drawn out, the locks on both sides of the drawer seat are pressed down, and then the two hands respectively grasp the body With the handle, pull out the circuit breaker body until it stops, and then depress the latch again and move the body out of the drawer seat. Then remove the base plate of the drawer and clean the foreign material in the drawer seat. 2. Check the insulation resistance of the circuit breaker with a 500V megohmmeter. When the relative humidity of the surrounding medium at 20°C±5°C is 50%~70%, it should be no less than 20MΩ, otherwise it should be dried.
3. Place the circuit breaker (fixed) or the drawer seat (drawer) on the mounting bracket and tighten it. The fixed product connects the main circuit bus directly to the fixed circuit breaker line. The drawer type product puts the circuit breaker body into the drawer seat guide, inserts the handle into the hole of the device, and rotates the handle clockwise so that the lower position of the drawer seat is indicated When in the connected position, it indicates that the circuit breaker body is in place, and then the main circuit bus is connected to the drawer block bus.
4, according to the circuit breaker secondary circuit wiring diagram wiring.
Note: There must be no nuts, gaskets or other foreign objects in the drawer seat to avoid jamming the drawer seat. Please check whether the product nameplate parameters meet the order requirements before installation.
5, the ability of the circuit breaker to continuously carry current at different ambient temperatures

Installation and use

200 400 630 800 1000
Ambient temperature °C 40 200 400 630 800 1000
50 192 384 605 768 960
60 174 248 548 696 870

6, the circuit breaker in and out of the power loss

200 400 630 800 1000
Drawer type 40 101 123 110 171
Loss (W) Fixed type 33 85 107 94 146
7, the user to install the bus recommended
200 400 630 800 1000
Thickness mm 5 5 5 6 8
Busbar Width mm 30 30 40 50 50
Quantity 1 2 2 2 2
Note: The specification in the table is that the circuit breaker is in the ambient environment of 40°C and is installed open to meet the specifications of copper used in the heat conditions as stipulated in GB14048.2.

8, use, operation
a. Before use, check if the rated voltage of undervoltage release, shunt release, closed electromagnet, electric mechanism and intelligent controller matches the voltage of the connected power supply.
b. Turn on the secondary circuit power supply. At this time, the motor-driven mechanism will automatically store energy until it hears a “click” sound. The energy storage indicator on the panel shows “energy storage”, indicating that the energy storage operation is completed; if no electric mechanism or electric drive is provided When the mechanism does not store energy, you can manually press down the energy storage handle 6~7 times until you hear a “click” sound. The energy storage indicator also shows “energy storage” and the energy storage ends.

9, maintenance
a. Regularly check some parameters and add lubrication to the rotating parts of the operating mechanism.
b. The circuit breakers are three-dimensionally arranged and modularly combined. Each functional unit is relatively independent and easy to maintain. If a unit is damaged, it can be replaced. The product is compact and reasonable design, high operating reliability and maintenance-free.
c. When the external bus is connected to the circuit breaker, all mechanical stresses should be avoided on the circuit breaker.
1 The equipment must be powered off before performing maintenance work.
2 When installing and maintaining the circuit breaker, pay attention to personal safety, and take good personal protective measures and safety measures to avoid danger.

Main Specifications
Model TXW1-1000
Rated working voltage Ue AC400V
Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity Icu (KA) 42 2520
Rated running short-circuit breaking capacity Ics(KA)
30 20
Rated short-time withstand current Icw/1s(KA) 30
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) 800
Rated operating current In(A) 200、400、630、800、1000
Poles Three-pole, four-pole
Operating performance (times) Have load 6500 3000
No load No maintenance:3000
Have maintenance:10000
Weight (kg) Three-pole fixed type 22
Three-pole drawer
Four-pole drawer 38


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