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Product Overview

TXRS online Soft Starter Cabinet is the product that our factory has continuously improved and improved over the years. Soft Starter Cabinet technology has always been in the forefront of similar domestic products. Its built-in multiple relay interfaces make it easy for users to achieve functions of linkage, interlocking, remote monitoring, and one-to-multiple. It is also particularly suitable for the starting and running of fire pump and fan. The constant current starting feature of this machine allows the user to not worry about the current increase caused by heavy load during starting. In fact, this machine can always ensure that the load current does not exceed the set value in any quiet condition (including phase loss, brake).
TXRS constant current Soft Starter Cabinet is a full-function type. When using, it is not necessary to connect the AC contactor in series or in parallel on the main circuit, and it is not necessary to install other protection devices such as phase failure, thermal relay, and fuse on the main circuit. This machine is equipped with complete and reliable electronic intelligent protection, whether it is the phase loss of power supply, phase failure of the motor windings, or phase loss at startup or during operation, the motor will be reliably protected. The reverse time overload protection of the machine will ensure that the motor will be protected by the corresponding process under any overload condition. If the user needs, this machine also has power-saving running function, when the motor is light-load or no-load operation, it can automatically adjust the operating parameters to achieve power-saving operation.

Model and Meaning

Product Features

The unique digital closed-loop high torque control is specially designed for standard loads and heavy loads.
The only in-line soft starter can operate without bypass contactor and can with a bypasse contactor, while maintaining full protection.
Linear control of the supply motor torque during acceleration and deceleration periods (significantly reduces pressure fluctuations)
Easy to adjust the slope and starting torque.
Advanced integrated protection features: over-current, overload, underload, input/output phase overheating.
Plug-in programmable I/O terminals: logic input, logic output, relay output.
Analogue output, 4~20mA.
Motor preheat function.
Built-in motor thermal protection and PTC direct thermal protection.
Two sets of motor parameters are configured and the control parameters are easy to adjust.
Dynamic fault memory.
Load status and running time display.
LCD liquid crystal display.
RS485 communication, standard MODBUS protocol.

Schematic diagram of primary electric

Main parameters and technical performance

Rated operating voltage AC220V/380V/500V
Frequency 50Hz
Adjust current The rated current of the motor can be adjusted between 0.5~1.3 times of the rated current of the starter, and the max starting current can be adjusted between 2~7In.
Start-up mode The starting current limit is 5In, the torque integral is 10s, the standard load is 3In; when 15s, the heavy load is 3.5In.
Stop Mode Free stop 2S Soft stop
Soft stop Programmable adjustment in 0.5 ~ 60s
Brake stop Programmable adjustment in 0.5 ~ 60s
Display and keyboard Normal operation can display the running current (or current percentage), display the fault content when the fault occurs, the keyboard can set parameters, set the contact function and caging.
  Code JR JM
Contact type 1NO 1NC 1NO 1NC
Factory setting Output of the starting relay Output of the fault relay
Max working power~220V Starting power 1200VA, maintaining power 120VA
Min switching capability 24V 100mA
Rated control power Ac15: 240VA, DC13: 48W
Conventional thermal current 5A
Rated operational voltage AC400V
Main circuit protection Comprehensive protection of the motor starting device. Phase loss and phase imbalance protection for the main circuit, indicated by the output relay
Starter Selection according to the rated power and load of the motor, and the power of the starter can be used for standard load and heavy load.

Outline and lnstallation Dimension

Model Power of controlled motor A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Remark
TXRS2-37 5.5~37kW 1700 500 370 Below 45kW, without ammeter
TXRS2-75 45~75kW 1800 700 400
TXRS2-200 90~200kW 2200 800 660
TXRS3-37 5.5~37kW 1700 500 370
TXRS3-75 45~75kW 1800 700 400
TXRS3-132 90~132kW 2200 800 660
TXRS3-200 160~200kW 2200 1000 800

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