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Product Overview

SVC Voltage Stabilizer (TND Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, TNS three phase voltage stabilizer) is composed of contact regulator and auto control circuit. Sampling the voltage signal, amplifying and then controlling the servo motor to drive the arm and the brush to rotate in the desired direction, so that the output voltage is adjusted to the rated value to achieve voltage regulation. Performance indicators fully comply with the Q/ZT78 standard.
SVC Voltage Stabilizer has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, low power consumption, various protection functions, stability and reliability, and small output waveform distortion. Can be widely used in industrial production, scientific research, medical and health, household appliances and other areas with large voltage fluctuation of power grid or large changes in the grid voltage, can provide high-quality power to any load.

Model and Meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

SVC Voltage Stabilizer Ambient temperature: -5°C~+40°C.
SVC Voltage Stabilizer Relative humidity: no more than 90% (at +20°C).
SVC Voltage Stabilizer Altitude: not exceed 2000m.
SVC Voltage Stabilizer Installation: The installation environment should be well-ventilated, without obvious pollution, corrosive gas, dust, combustibles, and combustible gas.

Main parameters and technical performance

Model TND Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer TNS Three phase voltage stabilizer
Specification 0.5kVA/1kVA/1.5kVA/2kVA/3kVA/5kVA/10kVA/15kVA/20kVA/30kVA 1.5kVA/3kVA/4.5kVA/6kVA/9kVA/15kVA/20kVA/30kVA/45kVA/60kVA
Input voltage 160V~250V 280V~430V(three-phase four-wire)
Output voltage and precision 220V±4% (≥10kVA)
220V±4% and 110±8% (≥5kVA)
Phase voltage 220V±4%, Wire voltage 380V±4%
(three-phase four-wire)
Output undervoltage protection value 180V±8V
No protection for output of ≤1.5kVA and 110V
Phase voltage 180±8V
(No protection for overvoltage output ≤4.5kVA)
Output overvoltage protection value 246V±4V
No protection for output of ≤1.5kVA and 110V
Phase voltage 246±4V
(No protection for overvoltage output ≤4.5kVA)
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Adjustment time ≤6s(When the input voltage changes 20V) ≤6s(When the input voltage changes 20V)

Structure Feature

The output capacity of the SVC Voltage Stabilizer is closely related to the input voltage value. The output capacity curve is shown in the figure. When the input phase voltage is lower than 198V (three-phase wire voltage is 342V), the rated output capacity will be reduced. When the output voltage is 110V, the output capacity is only 50% of the rated capacity (Characteristic curve is shown in Figure 1).

Outline and lnstallation Dimension

Phase Model Size (mm)
Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg)
Single phase 
Voltage Stabilizer
TND-0.5K 190x160x140 4 4.2
TND-1K 210x190x170 5.5 5.8
TND-1.5K 210x190x170 5.8 6.1
TND-2K 290x240x200 10 10.5
TND-3K 290x240x250 12 12.5
TND-5K(Vertical) 320x280x460 17 17.8
TND-5K(Bench) 360x220x290 15 15.8
TND-7K(Vertical) 360x280x510 36 37.5
TND-7K(Bench) 360x220x290 16.5 18
TND-10K 420x240x360 27 29
TND-15K 420x380x760 64 67
TND-20K 420x380x760 70 75
TND-30K 450x430x870 95 100
Three phase 
Voltage Stabilizer
TNS-1.5K 485x225x170 20 20.5
TNS-3K 485x225x170 24 24.5
TNS-4.5K 485x225x170 28 28.8
TNS-6K 360x280x680 29 30
TNS-9K 380x320x780 43 45
TNS-15K 440x360x780 68 70
TNS-20K 520x400x860 85 88
TNS-30K 490x460x970 91 93
TNS-40K 640x570x1180 175 180
TNS-50K 640x570x1180 185 190
TNS-60K 640x570x1180 196 202
TNS-75K 670x550x1320 207 214
TNS-100K 670x550x1320 273 280

For your safety, please read the following selection requirements and precautions when ordering:
The input and output of three-phase products are three-phase four-wire system wiring, so the zero line must be connected when using.
When three-phase stabilized power supply is used for single-phase applications or three-phase applications, the max output per phase is one-third of the nominal capacity of the entire machine.
In case of selection, the stabilized power supply is reasonably selected according to the rated power, the starting surge current, the inductive or capacitive load of the electrical equipment. The output capacity should have sufficient allowance, especially when the impact load is selected, and the specific safety factor is shown in Table 3.

Load property Device Safety factor Voltage stabilizer capacity
Pure resistance load Incandescent lamps, resistance wires, electric furnaces and other equipments 1.1~1.3 ≥1.1~1.3 times total load power
Inductive or capacitive load Fluorescent lamps, fans, pumps, air conditioners, fridges, etc. 2.5~3 ≥2.5~3 times total load power

When the input voltage is lower than 198V, the output capacity will be reduced, so to reduce the load and derating use to avoid overload, the specific characteristics shown in Figure 1; when using 110V, 220V output or simultaneous use, the maximum total output current must not exceed the rated output current. When using 110V output, the max capacity is only half of the rated capacity. When the input voltage is lower than 198V, it should also be used in proportion to the curve in Figure 1 to avoid overload.

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