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Product overview

TAIXI Electric is a professional manufacturer of Precise Purification Voltage Stabilizer. The company has rich experience in producing stabilized voltage supply and strong technical force, advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance.
JJW Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer, voltage digital display is intuitive and clear, high stable voltage precision, long-term continuous operation, low noise, long life, high reliability, and can effectively suppress the peak interference in the mains. It is the preferred product of scientific research units, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, medical treatment, testing, telecommunications and other departments.

Model and meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

Ambient temperature: 0~40°C
Altitude: not over 1000m;
Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa~106 kPa;
Relative humidity: not more than 80%;
There should be no chemical deposition, dirt, no harmful aggressive media and explosive gas or dust, no vibration and bumpy room.

Working principle

JJW Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer adopts advanced sinusoidal energy distribution program's power regulation technology and represents the latest development level of AC Voltage Stabilizer technology. Its main circuit is composed of sine energy distributor and high power filter in parallel. When the output voltage Uo caused by the electric input voltage or load fluctuation changes, the conduction angle of the triac device is controlled by the sampling circuit, the comparator and the flip-flop, and the L1 inductance is changed to change the magnitude and the phase of the compensation voltage ΔU, to achieve the stable output voltage. This series of three phase voltage stabilizer is composed of the single-phase voltage stabilizer through "Y-shaped" connection. Therefore, the three-phase voltage stabilizer uses three-phase four-wire connection, which can simultaneously output 380V line voltage and 220V phase voltage.

Technical performance

Output rated power:
Single-phase: 1000VA, 2000VA, 3000VA, 5000VA, 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA;
Three-phase: 3000VA, 6000VA, 9000VA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA;
Input voltage range:
Single-phase: 185~255V;
Three-phase: 320~440V;
The output voltage:
Single-phase: 220V;
Three-phase: 380V;
Stabilized voltage precision: <±1% (including load effect);
Additional waveform distortion: ≤5%;
Response time: 30~60mS;
Overall efficiency: >90%;
Spike suppression: input 1000V, 10μS spike pulse, output residual voltage is less than 40V;
Load power factor: 0.8;
Audio noise: <50dB;
Insulation resistance: >2MΩ;
Withstand voltage: AC1500V 1min;
Output overvoltage protection value: single phase: 246V±4V; three-phase 400V±10V
Working Environment: Temperature -5°C~+40°C
Working methods: continuous work


Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer is equipped with input and output terminals (sockets), selecting the suitable cross section wire as the output line according to the product power.
Connect phase lines, zero lines and ground lines according to electrical standards: phase and zero line must not be wrong, so as to prevent the output charged after shutdown, not to replace the ground wire with zero line. The three-phase Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer uses three-phase four-wire connection, so the input must be connected to the zero line. Absolutely must not ignore the zero line, otherwise it is easy to damage the stabilizer and electrical equipment. The grounding wire must be connected during installation. If the wire is not grounded, the anti-interference performance of the stabilizer will be reduced or even electric shock will be caused.
Turn on the power switch, work indicator light on (green), voltage display 220V, output error within 1% is normal, when output voltage error is greater than 1%, you should check whether the input voltage is within the allowable range. Within the allowable range, you can adjust the potentiometer VI on the internal circuit board makes the output voltage display normal. Three Phase Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer has output voltage 220V, the line voltage is 380V. If the input voltage is not within the allowable range, the voltage trimmer potentiometer must not be adjusted.
The machine has over-voltage alarm and protection function. When the machine fails or the network voltage is too high (more than the voltage range of the machine, the output is higher than 246±4V), the machine will automatically alarm and cut off the output. Make sure the load and the machine are safe. At this time, the overvoltage indicator lights up (red). Turn off the power and check the cause and reboot. Under normal circumstances shall not be arbitrarily adjusted overvoltage protection adjustment potentiometer W2.
Products with time-delay function, press for output power supply in short-delay 3S, do not press for output power supply in long-delay (5±2) min.
The three left terminals A, B, and C of the three-phase stabilizer are connected to the input phase line, the three right terminals a, b, and c are connected to the output phase line, the middle terminal is connected to the neutral line, and the rightmost terminal is connected to ground line (as shown in the figure).

Common faults and trouble shooting

Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer should be placed in a ventilated, non-corrosive gas and non-electrostatic dust room.
If the fuse is damaged, the same fuse should be chosen, and no capacity should be increased at any cost to ensure safety.
If the machine is always in overvoltage protection, it may be caused by the following conditions:
a. Input voltage is too high, beyond the range of this machine:
b. Improper adjustment of the voltage regulator potentiometer makes the output voltage too high, can readjust the voltage.
c. The machine is faulty or the input self-generating frequency is too low or too high and the waveform distortion is too large.
d. Overvoltage protection value adjustment potentiometer W2 shift, should be readjusted.
When the stabilizer is unloaded, the output voltage is normal. After the load is turned on, the output voltage is reduced to less than 220V because the input lead is too thin or the lead is too long. The appropriate carrier wire should be replaced.
When the purifying voltage load is purely inductive, pure capacitive, or non-linear, the output voltage may fluctuate. It is best to use the resistive load or load shedding at the same time. The fluctuation of the output voltage wave sometimes causes the circuit failures.
When the input voltage is normal (185~255V) and the output voltage is abnormal, check the following components:
a. The breakdown capacity of C1 and C2 will be reduced and the output voltage will be higher.
b. The power sampling transformer is damaged.
c. The integrated circuit on the control board is damaged.
If the Precise Purification AC Voltage Stabilizer is out of order, it should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel or contacted with the dealer.

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