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TXB1-30 series circuit breakers (hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breakers) for rated current 1A-30A, TXB1-50, TXB1- 100 series equipment with breaking money (hydraulic electromagnetic interrupter) for rated current 1A- 100A, rated voltage AC240 / 400V ( 50 / 60Hz) or DC80V and below the power system, made cut, short circuit protection purposes, can also be used as infrequently connected and disconnected. Can be widely Universal for computers and peripherals, industrial automation systems, telecommunications equipment, general power systems, UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment, railways Locomotives, marine electrical systems, aerospace, elevator control systems and mobile power equipment.


· Adopt hydraulic electromagnetic tripping device to integrate overload tripping and short circuit tripping, so it is also called full electromagnetic circuit breaker.
· Tripping performance depends only on the magnetic flux generated by the coil, small changes due to ambient temperature, so can not consider due to high temperature and derating;
Circuit breakers have no hot components, do not need cooling time, as long as the fault current disappears, you can immediately closed again; The viscosity of hydraulic oil is affected by temperature changes. High viscosity at low temperatures, long delay times, adequate additional time to start cold-state equipment, low viscosity at high temperatures, short delay times, quick tripping of the circuit-breaker, and protection of the heating load. This "inverse time" is therefore advantageous Overload protection;
The tripping characteristic of the circuit breaker is determined by the cooperation of the coil and the oil damper. The operating characteristics of the circuit breaker can be changed by changing the parameters of the coil and the oil damper. So you can easily derive the user required current specifications and tripping curve.
· The current setting value is accurate, the repetition error of action is small.
· Diversification of wiring, a screw-type, connecting slice, plug-in connecting column, turn over the connecting piece screw type, bolt type, etc., to facilitate the user according to the actual needs of the selection.
· Diversified installation methods, screw-type installation, embedded installation, you can easily integrate the equipment.
· Diversified modes of operation, long handle, short handle and rocking operation, different operation modes can be selected according to different design occasions to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
· Shape, small size, can effectively save cabinet space.

Technical Specifications

Product Model Description And Its Meaning

serial number Model Description TXB1-50
1 company code "RS" sharp new technology
2 product code B Hydraulic Circuit Breaker
3 design serial number 1
4 Maximum shelf current rating 50
5 Tripping curve A 1 AC short delay A2 AC delay A3 AC long: delay 
Z1 DC short delay Z2 DC delay Z3 DC long Ting
6 rated current 1-50A
7 Number of poles 1-1P 2- 2P 3-3P 4-4P
8 Installation Q Embedded Installation 
L Screw mounting
9 Wiring H Solder / Connection Chip Wiring 
F Upside-down screw-on connection
10 Operational C1 black long handle white ON / OFF C2 white long handle black ON / OFF C3 yellow long handle black ON / OFFY rocking vertical white ON / OFF D1 black short handle white ON / OFF D2 white short handle black ON / OFF D3 Yellow Short handle black ON / OFF
11 Number of actuators

M One per pole

N One per multipole unit (quadrupole 2)

12 attachment code

0 Without accessory 1 with auxiliary contact

Main Technical Parameters

Model Rated Current (A) Rated Working Voltage Breaking Capacity (KA) Mechanical Electrical Life Load Criteria
TXB1-50 1-50 DC80





10000 times

(of which 6000 electrical lives)

AC240 / 415 2000 2000


Model TXB1A2
Poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
Rated Current 2~50A
Rated Voltage Ue AC240V DC80V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable Pollution Level Level 2
Installation Category III
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Installation Screw Installation
Wiring Method Connecting Plate Type, Screw Type
Altitude ≤6000m
Mechanical Life 20000
Circuit Type S0: Switch; S1: Series Current Line
S2: Series Current Line With Auxiliary Switch
Delay Trip Types AS: AC short-time delay; AM: AC mid-time delay; AL: AC long-time delay
DS: DC short-time delay; DM: DC mid-time delay; DL: DC long-time delay
Identifier Indicates A: Parallel ON-OFF/I-O; B: Vertical ON-OFF/I-O; C: Parallel ON-OFF
International Standard GB17701-1999, IEC60934: 1993, C22.2
Applicable Environment Used for on-off operation of lines or equipment, and can be used to protect the overload and short ciucuit of lines and motors. Especially suitable for use in situations with shock or vibration.

Tripping Curve

Outline And Installation Dimensions

Poles Dimensions Installation Dimensions
A B C A1 D E J Y H
1P 19.2 51 41   42 32 M4 Φ14.9 M3*5
2P 38.4 51 41 19.2 42 32 M4 Φ14.9 M3*5
3P 57.6 51 41 19.2*2 42 32 M4 Φ14.9 M3*5
4P 76.8 51 41 19.2*3 42 32 M4 Φ14.9 M3*5

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