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TXHPD Harmonic Protector Introduction

TXHPD Harmonic Protector realize protection of various precision control equipments in harmonic environment, such as computers, PLCs, sensors, wireless devices, CT machines, DCS, etc., so as to avoid harm from harmonics. Voltage Protection Device
The use of the TXHPD Harmonic Protector reduces the equipment failure rate and misoperation of the machine, improves the operating efficiency and service life of the equipment, and fully overcomes the poor power quality caused by high-order harmonics on the user side, resulting in equipment loss and abnormal performance. , causing unnecessary losses.
Harmonic Protector fully complies with IEC61000-4-5 IEC60939-1-1 and other standards.
The ideal power supply should be a stable voltage with a single constant frequency and a specified amplitude. However, with the continuous renewal of various new, high-efficiency, multi-functional electrical equipment, these non-linear electrical devices make the voltage and current waveforms of power grids virtually non-sinusoidal with different degrees of distortion. Non-sinusoidal waves contain higher harmonics that can directly harm user equipment and the human body.
Since electronic computers, microprocessors, and other electronic devices generally have high harmonic quality requirements for power supplies, due to the presence of higher harmonics, programs often appear in these highly sensitive electronic systems. Operational errors, data errors, time errors, crashes, restarts without cause, and even permanent damage to electrical equipment have caused huge losses to people's work and daily life. General equipment works under the condition of “transient” frequency of 200,000 times/hour, the life of electronic equipment will be shortened by 40%, the life of motor equipment will be shortened by 30%, and the life of lighting equipment will be shortened. 35% to 45%. According to statistics, 75% of failures in electronic equipment are caused by transient surges. Basically, whenever an inductive load is cut off, there will be user-side higher harmonic generation many times higher than the peak value of the normal voltage.
TXHPD harmonic protection device is precisely for the user side high harmonic (2KHz-10MHz) pollution, for power equipment to provide harmonic protection, improve the more and more poor power quality equipment. TXHPD The harmonic protector adopts a special circuit of ultra-microcrystalline alloy material and innovation technology, and it suppresses and absorbs real-time harmonics, high-frequency noise, spikes, etc. generated on the user's side of the electrical equipment. Use; to follow the power waveform at any time, instantaneously filter out peaks in the power supply, user-side harmonics, clutter, correct distortion of the power waveform caused by the harmonic effect, digest the noise, improve the power waveform, The grid power waveform becomes light and clean, which improves the quality of the power grid and ensures the normal operation of instruments and equipment.

The main harm of higher harmonics
1. Make the equipment (such as PLC, sound, medical equipment, relay protection, measuring instruments, power electronics, computer systems, precision instruments, etc.) not function properly or operate correctly;
2. Harmonic loss occurs, and the efficiency of using electrical equipment is reduced;
3, accelerate the insulation aging of electrical equipment, making it easy to breakdown, thereby shortening their useful life;
4, cause series resonance and parallel resonance, amplify harmonics, causing dangerous over-voltage or over-current;
5, interfere with the communication system, reduce the signal transmission quality, damage the correct transmission of the signal, and even damage the communication equipment.

The Role of TXHPD Harmonic Wave Protector

TXHPD harmonic protector eliminates the harmonics, reduces the skin effect of the conductor, avoids the temperature rise of the conductor, greatly reduces the copper loss and iron loss of the transformer, and reduces unnecessary Energy consumption. At the same time, the TXHPD Harmonic Protector also eliminates user-side harmonics, spikes, and other noises that are extremely destructive to electrical equipment, so that the current and voltage in each phase circuit tend to balance and the phase difference remains the same. Played a variety of equipment design features to achieve the purpose of not wasting electrical energy.
TXHPD Harmonic Protector adopts high-tech crystal-producing ultra-microcrystalline alloy material, which can reduce user-side high-frequency harmonics and high-frequency noise generated by instruments and equipment, prevent pollution generated by power equipment from entering the power grid, and at the same time prevent High-frequency harmonics in the power grid, and high-frequency noise, user-side harmonics, spike transients, and other pollution entered the equipment and interfered with the operation of the equipment. At 2kHz~10MHz The high-frequency filter absorption effect in the frequency band achieves the effect of improving power quality.
Using TXHPD Harmonic Wave Protector to Solve Many Problems Encountered by the Device

Automatic Protection Devices

Since the ground current generated by the device itself will cause a voltage drop between the device and the real ground, when the noise frequency is relatively high, the kiln-to-noise computer electronic equipment, the PLC, the motor, etc., computer crashes.
TXHPD can automatically eliminate true destructive higher harmonics, high-frequency noise, user-side harmonics, spike transients, etc., to ensure the life of electrical equipment.

Purifying Power Supplies

TXHPD harmonic protection device has a very strong suppression and elimination capability. It can eliminate up to 99% of the voltage and current distortion caused by various harmonics, prevent computer screen strobe caused by harmonics, and switch, short circuit and load. The light flashes caused by the change.

Improving the Harmonic Environment of IT Equipment to Prevent Data Network Blockage

IT equipment is a sophisticated device that is very sensitive to various frequency disturbances and has higher harmonics The voltage distortion will seriously affect the quality of IT equipment and greatly increase the bit error rate of communication lines. It can even be high enough to paralyze the entire network.

Protecting Power Factor Compensation Devices

Higher harmonic frequencies may be combined with spurious grid inductance and power factor compensation (PFC) equipment The harmonic frequency forms a parallel resonant circuit, harmonics caused by the resonant circuit amplify voltage and current waves Deformity is severe, resulting in equipment failure and failure. TXHPD eliminates harmonic pollution Ensures the service life of power factor compensation devices

Preventing protection devices from tripping by mistake

Harmonic currents can cause circuit breakers to trip by mistake or not to jump at all during this trip.

TXHPD Harmonic Protector Features

Application frequency band
Harmonic Protectors
TXHPD can absorb harmonic interference of various frequencies at various frequencies. Automatic elimination of electricity usage Prepared random high-order harmonics and high-frequency noise, pulse spikes, surges and other interference.

·High reliability
The TXHPD is passively connected in parallel in the circuit and the rails are installed to eliminate harmonics in the source. With The voltage waveform is traced and the voltage waveform that is distorted due to the influence of the resonant impedance is corrected.

·Safeguard equipment operation
TXHPD itself does not consume power, and the use of harmonic protection reduces the equipment failure rate And misoperation of the machine completely overcomes the decrease in the efficiency of electrical energy utilization of electrical devices due to harmonic pollution. The problem of high failure rate ensures the safe operation of the equipment.

· Durable, safe and reliable
TXHPD uses ultra-microcrystalline alloy materials and special circuits, aviation aluminum and engineering plastics The housing of the body and the terminals are specially designed for high temperature treatment and do not require routine maintenance.

·International Standards
TXHPD fully meets the following criteria:
IEC61000-4-5, IEC60939-1-2
UI449 2nd Edition TVSS Testing CSA Standards Class 9091 01 &9091 81 CSA std. C22 NEMA LS-1, NEC Surge Suppression Standards, Electrical Notice 516

TXHPD Application

1. Computer electronic equipment, PLC, motors, electrical appliances and other chips crash, life expectancy has shrunk dramatically
2, power purification, eliminating surges, spike voltage, circuit noise and static electricity interference
3, thyristor rectifier device
4, various types of frequency conversion device
5, computer server (including various types of servo motor on the production line, etc.)
6, electronic dimming device
7, electronic ballast device
8, all kinds of high-pressure lighting (tungsten-tungsten, mercury lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc.)
9, computer power supply system
10. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
11, elevators, air conditioners, etc.
12, copiers, microwave ovens, video recorders, televisions and all kinds of chargers and other daily office appliances
13, computer network
14. Digital Communication Equipment

Technical Parameters of TXHPD Protector

Performance Parameter
Basic parameters Rated voltage/rated frequency 110~690V ±20%; /SOHZ 60HZ
Maximum pulse current 14000A
Clamp voltage For surge voltage of 2500V, it can be limited to less than 1000V
Anti-surge current Surge current does not exceed 1200A for 2500V surge voltage
Circuit connection Three-phase star row, three-phase triangle
Insulation resistance >2MΩ
Pressure/contact capacity Between TXHPD conductive part and housing withstand 2000VAC, 0.1 second time, no breakdown and flashover phenomenon / 120A
Filter performance Protection frequency 2KHz-10MHz
Leakage current 1.428mA
External environment temperature range ~35℃-75℃
Storage temperature ~45℃-90℃
Relative temperature <85%
Atmospheric pressure 52-108Kpa
Working environment Non-explosive non-corrosive gas conductive dust, no bacteria, no shock, no impact source below 4000M above sea level
Installation Installation method Suspension Mount 4mm Screw Hole/Rail Mount
Installation size 130×90 ×75m m、 60 × 105 × SOmm(L*W*H)
Dimensions 150×140×75m m 、100 × 120 × SO mm(L*W*H)
Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Shockwave immunity IEC60225-22-4
Electrostatic discharge immunity
RF electromagnetic radiation immunity
Electrical fast transient pulse
Redundancy immunity
Power supply Power consumption Less than 0.5w
Fever Less than 25°C(external environment 20°C)
Maintenance method Maintenance-free
Service life More than 15 years
Wiring Terminal connection
Weight 2.0kg
Protection level IP44

TXHPD Series Product Ordering Data

Note: Properly protect the lower harmonics at the end of the user's side, and use the TXHPD2000 and TXHPD99 products together to form a three-level protection system. At the same time, the TXHPD1000 can also be used alone in applications where the harmonics are small but demanding.
1. The TXHPD1000 is a parallel installation, and the TXHPD1000 can be installed in multiple parallel installations.
2. The star connection in the TX H PD1000 product is mostly used in general industrial and civil systems.
3. The delta connection in the TX H PD1000 product is mostly used for motor applications.
4. The 690V parameter in the TX H PD1000 product is used for special voltage grades such as coal mines.

TXHPD Series Exterior Dimension Drawing; Unit (mm)

Typical Wiring Diagram

TXHPD Installation

The installation process of TXHPD must be performed by a professional electrician.
Each joint should be checked at the time of installation to ensure that it is solid and not loose, if the joint is not strong Solid, the device will not work properly.
When installing, the staff will probably work live. When wearing a point, always wear it low Pressure gloves, special care should be taken so that no power supply wires come into contact with the terminals connected to the power supply. Unexpected anything. Special care should be taken not to keep the tool between the power supply wire and ground (eg metal, neutral wire or White line, grounding or green line or yourself.
If the power supply wire is connected to the ground wire, the wire will start to arc and explode. it will Damage the equipment and/or injure the installer and/or burn fuses in the transformer. Remember to wear a good low pressure hand Sets, special care, safe installation depends on the installer's careful installation.

1. Correct and safe installation requires tools
(1) Various Size Screwdrivers
(2) Set of Hex Wrenches
(3) A set of nut driver
(4) Set of open-end wrenches
(5) A flashlight
(6) a pair of low pressure gloves
(7) A roll of electrical tape
(8) Up to 750V Voltage Tester
(9) a pistol drill
(10) A Set of Bits

2, wire requirements
(1)Wires are coded according to national electrical codes
(2) The shorter the use of the wire, the better
(3) Electric wires must use more than 14 cores
(4) Black: FireWire (phase line)
(5) white: zero line
(6) Two-color lines (green and yellow): Grounding line

3, installation points
(1) This product must be installed indoors.
(2) Safety first. At the time of installation, you must stand in a dry place, and you must not touch any metal or pipework, nor can anybody come into contact with you.
(3) Turn on the power distribution cabinets or turn on the circuit breakers and cut off all power related to installing the TXHPD harmonic protector.
(4) Installation a. When opening the power distribution cabinet door or opening the breaker switch door, install the TXHPD Harmonic Protector and the associated air switch (the switch is set to “OFF” or “OFF”) on the floor of the conventional circuit breaker. It requires a firm installation. b. Wire connection: bring low-voltage gloves, first ground the two-colored wires (green and yellow), then connect the white wire to the zero-line connection row, and then connect the three black wires to the air switch respectively. In the wiring hole, tighten the screw. Very carefully draw three black wires (1x65/0.2) from the three wiring holes on the other side of the air switch to the terminal blocks of phase A, phase B, and phase C of the fire (phase) line. Do not connect the black wire to the high voltage lead of the delta system. (5) Check again carefully. Make sure all the cables are connected correctly and make sure all connectors are secure. (6) Restore the relevant power supply that was disconnected before installation, and then close the air switch (switch is set to "ON" or "ON"). (7) Close the distribution cabinet door or open the breaker switch door.

Typical Design

The power distribution room is equipped with harmonic protection function. The main circuit of the incoming line adopts the TXHPD2000 active filter cabinet, and important loops or important equipments adopt the TXHPD2000 harmonic protector.

1. The building and commercial building can use a TXHPD1000 harmonic protector in the power distribution cabinet of each floor.
2. Buildings and commercial buildings If there are a lot of important factory equipment such as computers, switches, and networks placed in rooms, it is recommended to use a TXHPD1000 harmonic protector in the room configuration panel.
3. In the field with a large number of precision instruments, such as CT machines, electrocardiograms, etc., it is recommended to assemble the TXHPD1000 separately.

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