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Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is the latest circuit protection product. Its main function is to detect and identify dangerous earthing arc faults, parallel arc faults and series arc faults, and to drive the device operation that cut off current timely to avoid electrical fires. When arc fault occurs, due to the low current intensity, lower than setting values of overcurrent protection which are installed in power system, especially widely in low-voltage distribution field, installing AFCI in the distribution line terminal can promptly find the arc and cut off the circuit, effectively reduce the damage caused by the arc.
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is an intelligent circuit protector that can detect and identify faulted arcs and normal operating arcs in the circuit. Prevent the fire hazard caused by the arcing faults such as poor contact and bad insulation in the electric circuit. Set fault arc protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, surge suppression, leakage protection into one.

Field And Use

AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters are mainly installed in the distribution box of the terminal distribution system, can also be installed in the home, office, all kinds of large supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, textile mills, warehouses, oil depots, refineries, entertainment places, hotels, oil transport pipelines and other occasions, Where there is electricity, the devices can be installed and used, widely used in electrical fire prevention.

Product Features

Use embedded system digital circuit control and original arc feature recognition algorithm, small size and strong function to achieve automatic monitoring and protection of fault arc, effectively protect the low-voltage distribution lines and electrical equipment and personal safety.
Use the fault arc comprehensive detection method combined with line current time domain and frequency domain FFT to realize the simultaneous positioning of the time domain and the frequency domain.
● Its features are as follows:
(1) With automatic control and manual control function;
(2) With the function that detect and identify dangerous ground arc fault, parallel arc fault and series arc fault;
(3) With the function that timely drive device action to cut off the current to avoid the electrical fire;
(4) With detection of overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage and many other features;
(5) With fault memory function, easy to fault query, analysis.
(6) With indicator light alarm function
(7) With a number of rated current, voltage
(8) With single pole rated on and off function
(9) With the function of displaying the fault result
(10) With free trip function
(11) With the functions of rust prevention, humidity resistance and electric shock protection
● With the characteristics of self matching between control and protection compared with the system consisting of discrete components
AFDD set control and protection function in one, equivalent to arc detector identifier + circuit breaker. Which solves the matching problem of the protection and control characteristics of the discrete components, so that the protection and control characteristics can be more perfect.
● Compared with the circuit breaker and the fuse, has the characteristics of arc detection and protection
The conventional short-circuit protection mechanism based on circuit breakers and fuses can only meet the function protection of the equipment when the short-circuit capacity is very small. When arc fault occurs, due to the low current intensity, lower than setting values of overcurrent protection which are installed in power system, especially widely in low-voltage distribution field, therefore can not fully protect against arc faults.
● With comprehensive inspection compared to arc detection device of sensor
When detect the arc parameters via sensors, it must be installed in the location of the fault arc, which brings inconvenience to comprehensive inspection in the circuit, and AFDD solves this problem very well.
● With real-time compared with residual current protector (RCD)
When series and parallel arc fault occur, the fault impedance reduces the load current, making the current lower than the RCD trip value, resulting in RCD can not trip quickly in real time.

Model And Meaning

Product Advantage

● With leakage protection, which greatly improves the reliability of electricity safety.
● The technical improvement for the electromagnetic mechanism, materials and technology and electronic circuits are processed, to avoid the heat, too high temperature caused by long time work of electromagnet, greatly reduce the electromagnet operating temperature, thereby enhancing the service life.
● Suitable for all types of loads, high stability.
● Rated operational current of arc fault circuit breaker is up to 63A.
● Use high-performance single-chip system for the system design, to achieve digital control.
● Special electromagnetic tripping mechanism, greatly improving the accuracy of overcurrent protection.
● When arc faults occur, multiple judgments are made within the MCU. When all the features are matched, the trip will be performed.
● The products can be used in a wide range, households, enterprises, hospitals, schools and research institutions.
● Integration: Short circuit protection, leakage protection, arc protection combined into one
● Stable: does not affect the detection capability due to shield of suppression load or EMI load
● Multi-domain detection: time domain, frequency domain
● Flexible installation: plug-in type, bolt type, rail type installation.

Main Structure

Main body: AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter mainly consists of circuit breaker module, leakage module, power supply module, signal conditioning module, release module and communication interface module and so on.
● Power supply module: Power supply to related devices in AFDD (arc fault detection device).
● Signal conditioning module: Through current transformer, the current signal in the main circuit is amplified, rectified and filtered through the signal conditioning module, and then sent to the microcontroller.
● Release module: In the AFCI, the electromagnetic structure of the release module use new energy-saving technology, the core loss and short circuit loss of the switch electromagnetic system are minimized, saves power to the greatest extent. Add the buffer device to reduce the energy impact of the electromagnetic system, to improve the pull in performance of the switch and prolong the service life. The operation mechanism of the release module can receive the fault signal detected by the MCU, cut off the coil circuit by controlling contacts, and break the main circuit by the electromagnetic mechanism. After troubleshooting, press the operation button to reset.
● Communication interface module: Through this module, the current, voltage, current phase, arc signal and other data can be transmitted to the terminal computer in real time, and the remote monitoring can be realized. The following is the current data information that MCU sends the data information to the host computer when the series arc occurs. Data processing module uses dedicated AFDD host computer development platform of independent research and development for data analysis and feature parameter extraction. Establish PC simulator, the algorithm is pre simulated on the PC end, executive language and microprocessor are in common use.

Working Principle

The main control chip MCU of the AFCI real-time detects the current signal in the main circuit. When the fault arc is detected in the main circuit, the single chip microcomputer sends out the tripping signal, and the tripping circuit implements the tripping operation.
Overload and other protection: When the main control chip MCU of the AFCI will real-time detect of overload, leakage, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and other faults in the main circuit, send fault signal to the release, break the circuit, realize the protection operation.

Main Technical Parameters

Model TXAFLE-63
Rated Operational Voltage AC 230V / AC 110V
Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Current (In) 6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A
Pole 1P / 2P
Rated Impulse Withstand 4KV
Rated short circuit breaking 4.5KA
Communication Mode RF2.4G CAN BUS
Basic Protection Function It can cut off the power failure of
short circuit, overload, arc and leakage
 in the load power supply line in time.
Other Features With LED status indicator, fault memory,
load (>2A) LED indicator function,
leakage warning function, can realize the wireless
networking and power management function
Tripping Characteristic C or D type optional (execution standard GB10963.1-2005)
Meet UL1699-1 Standards

Meet GB/T11681-2013 Standard

1. Limit value of break time of AFDD (Arc Fault Detection Device) at the rated voltage of 220V is shown in table

Arc Current 2.5A 5A 10A 16A 32A 63A
Max Break Time 1s 0.5s 0.25s 0.15s 0.14s 0.13s

2.Residual current breaking time of residual current circuit breaker is shown in table

Category (mA) In(A) Max (residual current) breaking time (s)
I 2I 5I 250mA
Indirect contact >30 Any value 0.2 0.1 0.04
Direct contact ≤30 Any value 0.1 0.1
G R Y The Last Trip

Trouble Free

Arc Failure

Flash Leakage Failure

Operating Instructions

◆ Key Description
Test button: Used to test the leakage function of AFCI, press the "T" test button, AFCI is broken, otherwise regarded as normal.
Handle: Used to turn on and off the circuit. Pull the handle to the ON position to turn on the circuit, OFF position to turn off the circuit.
◆ Operating Instructions
Place the AFCI handle in the OFF position to properly access the circuit.
Place the AFCI handle in the ON position and turn on the circuit.
Arc test: Press the test button and AFDD trip, it is normal. If not normal, please replace.
Place the AFCI handle in the ON position and turn on the circuit.
◆ LED Instructions
See the normal work of LED circuit on the basic wiring diagram, green light on, red light off. If the red light is on, it indicates that there is a problem in the self-check process of AFDD. Restart AFCI, if the above situation still occurs, please replace AFCI.

Normal Working Condition And Installation Condition

Ambient air temperature The upper limit is 40℃, the reference
temperature is 20℃, and the lower limit is -5.
The extreme range of -20℃ and +60℃ is allowed
 during storage and transportation.
Altitude The altitude of the installation
site is not more than 2000m.
Humidity The relative humidity of the
 installation site is not more than 50% when
 the max temperature is +40℃; Higher relative
 humidity is allowed at lower temperatures, the monthly
 average min temperature of the wettest month is not
more than +25℃, the max monthly relative humidity of the
 month is not more than 90%. Measures must be
 taken for the condensation on the product
caused by the temperature change.
External magnetic field Not exceed 5 times the geomagnetic
 field anywhere , if it is installed near
a strong magnetic field,
additional technical requirements are required.
Position According to the manufacturer's regulations,
the tolerance is 2° anywhere.
Frequency Reference value ±5%
Sine wave distortion Not more than ±5%
Pollution level Pollution Grade 2, that is generally
 only non-conductive pollution.
Terminal Allowable cross sectional area of conductor
Flexible wire with prefabricated ends Max 1×4
Min 1×1
Hard wire Max 1×4
Min 1×1
Tightening Torque N.m 1.2

Use And Maintenance

1. The leakage, overload and protection characteristics of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter are made by manufacturers, the users can install directly, can not open the back cover to adjust at will.
2. The function of the test button of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: When installing , press the button in the connecting state or after running for a certain period of time, press the test button once a month, check whether the leakage protection is reliable. When in the ON state, green light on, red light off; After press the leakage test button, the release trip, show that the AFCI is normal, otherwise the AFDD is bad, get a new to use.
3. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is broken due to the protection circuit failure (circuit arc, poor contact, line breakage, leakage, over-current, overload, short-circuit), should identify the reasons, the AFCI handle is placed in the ON position after troubleshooting, connected to the circuit.
4. See the basic wiring diagram: This product does not allow the power to enter from the output.
5. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter do not protect electric shock risk caused by contacting with two lines of the protective circuit at the same time.
6. Wiring see the basic wiring diagram: When wiring, the incoming line and outgoing line must pay attention to the installation method of left null line and right live wire, while ensuring that the terminal must be pressed.

Outline Overall And Installing Dimensions

Installation Diagram

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