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Working Principle

TXAPF (Active Filter) detects the grid current or load current in real time through the external transformer CT. The controller extracts the fundamental current and harmonic current of the load through fast Fourier transform, and obtains active, reactive, negative sequence, etc. through DQ rotation coordinates. The data is then injected into the grid by the IGBT power converter to generate a compensation current that is equal in phase to the compensation target (harmonic, reactive, unbalanced), and the power quality improvement function on the grid side is realized.

Model specification Of APF



1. modular
      Each module unit of APF(Active Filter) operates independently, without the need for a central controller. Any module automatically exits after a fault, and the remaining modules automatically assume the load at rated current, and the whole machine continues to run. Convenient for the daily operation and maintenance of the user

      According to the N+1 redundancy theory, the reliability is increased by an order of magnitude for each redundant level of equipment. The modular structure is especially suitable for users who require high power quality.

2. strong anti-pollution ability
      All conductive components except the fan are isolated from the outside world, and are suitable for harsh occasions with serious dust, salt, alkali and humidity. The internal structure of the module is as follows:

3. minimalist on-site installation
      The user can choose to wear the busbar cable or the cable cable underneath. The load side or grid side can be selected as the external current CT sampling point.

4. the combination is unlimited
      APF, SVG, and C can be arbitrarily matched with different types of modules to achieve rich functions. APF/SVG can also be used with third-party capacitor compensation, for example, 150A APF+50A APF+50kvar SVG+100kvar C. Moreover, regardless of the form of third-party capacitor compensation or passive filtering, TXAPF can achieve resonance without ensuring safe and reliable operation of the overall grid system.
The principle of collocation and the functions realized can be found in the more economical compensation scheme of IV.

5. high power density
      The modular design of the TXAPF series APF/SVG can accommodate 600 wide cabinets, 600 deep cabinets, 600 wide * 600 deep cabinets and larger cabinets. The power of the whole machine can reach 900A/600kvar, while the industry The mainstream indicator is > 600A/400kvar. Higher power density saves users space and costs.
      For SVG, the rated output power is calculated according to the fully compensated reactive power. It can also compensate the single-phase load current with full power, maintain the three-phase current balance on the grid side, and compensate the low-order harmonics within 13 times with a maximum of half of the power. The remaining power is used for reactive power compensation, total output power:

6. low loss
      Thanks to a deep understanding of power electronic high-speed switching devices, TXAPF series APF/SVG has a working loss of >2.5% at full load, while the industry mainstream index is >3% to 4%. Active loss is critical to the large-scale application of SVG in the national grid!

7. very quiet noise
       TXAPF series APF/SVG uses high-quality soft magnetic reactors and scientific air duct design. The full-scale working noise of the whole machine does not exceed 60dB, while the mainstream indicator of the industry is >70dB. Silencing is critical to the user's best experience with the product!

8. very high current loop bandwidth
       TXAPF achieves quasi-natural sampling and continuous control. The equivalent switching frequency reaches 80kHz, the current loop bandwidth reaches 4kHz, and the suppression speed of interference reaches more than 4 times that of other products in the same industry. The mainstream indicators of the industry are 20kHz/1kHz. The device has a higher current loop bandwidth, so the protection will be more timely, and it will remain stable in extremely harsh situations, and can achieve parallel with pure capacitance without resonance.

Performance Indicators

    APF(A) SVG(kvar)


Module specification 30 50 75 100 150 30 50 75 100

Module size

(W*H*D) (Note 1)

500*200*550 500*260*580 500*200*550 500*260*580
\   \  
Parallel number \   \  
Input Operating Voltage 400V/690V(-20%~+15%)
Working frequency 50Hz(-10%~+10%)
Current Transformer 100:5~10000:5
Output (width * deep) (Note 2) 800*800Cabinet Power≤150A Power≤100kvar
800*800Cabinet Power≤300A Power≤200kvar
800*800Cabinet Power≤900A Power≤600kvar
Features Compensation harmonic 2-50次 2-13次(50% Rated Current)
Harmonic wave removal rate >97%
Compensation for reactive power -1~+1Adjustable
Compensation for three-phase imbalance 100%Unbalanced full compensation
Protocol Communication method RS232, 485, Modbus protocol, TCP/IP optional RS485, network port
Communication Interface
PC software Yes, all parameters can be set by the host computer
Error alarm Yes, up to 500 alarm messages can be recorded
Monitor Support independent monitoring of each module / centralized monitoring of the whole machine
Technical indicators Full response time <10ms
Active loss <2.5%
Heat dissipation method Intelligent air cooling
Noise <60dB
Sampling/control frequency 160KHz
Equivalent switching frequency 80kHz
Current loop cutoff frequency 4kHz
Protective function Over 20 kinds of protections such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, etc.
CTInstallation location Load side / grid side optional
Mechanical properties Wall size Wall mount and module size same
Module weight 25kg (<=75A/50kvar) 50kg (>=100A/100kvar)
Color Fine orange pattern, GB 7035
Environmental requirements Operating temperature -10℃~+45°
Altitude <5000 meters (1000 meters or more, 1% reduction in power per 100 meters)
Relative humidity <95%No condensation
Protection level Ip20(Higher protection levels can be customized)

Note 1: For intermediate modules, the appropriate size can be selected according to the width of the cabinet.

Note 2: The height of the cabinet is 2200mm by default. TXAPF's(Active Filter) each module in the cabinet is equipped with a circuit breaker by default, so that the power can be expanded afterwards.

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