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Scope of Application

TXB7SD-63 Manual Transfer Switch is a new circuit breaker with interlock mechanism developed by our company, the lv circuit breaker increase interlocking function on the basis of original miniature circuit breaker, that is, in the case of a side of circuit breaker closing, the other side of the circuit breaker can only keep off, to achieve circuit switching and other protection.
The Manual Transfer Switch developed by our company has the functions of overload, short circuit protection and circuit conversion. The product has reasonable and reliable design, beautiful appearance and light weight. It is mainly used for switchover and overload and short circuit protection of other control circuit.

TXB7SD Manual Transfer Switches comply with GB10963 and IEC60898 standards.

There are 6A/10A/16A/20A/25A/30 Amp/32A/40A/50A/63A Manual Transfer Switches.

Models and Specifications

Main technical parameters

Model Rated current (A) Pole Voltage (V) Rated short circuit
breaking capacity
C-type 6、10、16、20、25、32、40 1、2 400 6000
2、3、4 230/400 6000
50、63 1、2 400 4500
2、3、4 230/400 4500
D-type 6、10、16、20、25、32、
1、2 400 4500
2、3、4 230/400 4500

No. Model Initial state Test current Test time Prospective
1 D-type Cold 1.13In t≥1h Non tripping
2 C-type After Test 1 1.45In t<1h Tripping

The current rise to a

fixed value within 5S

3 B-type Cold 2.55In 1s<t<60s Tripping
D-type 1s<t<120s
4 C-type Cold 3In t≥0.1s Non tripping Close the auxiliary switch
to turn on the power
B-type 5In
In>32 7In
5 In≤32 Cold 5In t<0.1s Tripping Close the auxiliary switch
to turn on the power
All values 10In
All values 14In

Outline and installation dimensions

Ordering Information

When ordering to indicate the following points: Product model and name: such as TXB7SD-63 Manual Transfer Switch

Rated current: 30 amp Manual Transfer Switch.
Number of poles: 4P

Order quantity: such as 6666 only.
Order example: TXB7SD-63 Manual Transfer Switch, 63A, 1P, 5888 only.

Keywords: 30 amp Manual Transfer Switch

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