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Scope of application

DW16 Air Circuit Breaker (2000A Breaker,4000A Breaker) is mainly used for distribution network with AC 50Hz, rated current 200~4000A, rated working voltage 400V or 690V, used to distribute the power, protect the circuit and the power equipment from overload, undervoltage and short circuit. The ACB breaker with rated current of 200~630A can also be used to protect the overload, undervoltage and short circuit of the motor in the 400V network. The ACB breaker of 200~630A can also protect single-phase metal-to-ground short circuit in the TN power distribution system where the transformer neutral point is directly grounded. Under each of the above-mentioned normal conditions, the circuit breaker can be used as infrequent switching of the circuit and infrequent starting of the motor.

Model and meaning


● According to the usage

a. Power distribution
b. Motor protection (Inm≤630A)
c. Power distribution and single-phase grounding protection (Inm≤630A)

● According to the transmission device

a. Direct drive of the handle (Inm≤2000A)
b. Lever drive (Inm≤2000A)
c. Motor drive

● According to the release type

a. Overcurrent release and shunt release
b. Overcurrent release and undervoltage release
c. Overcurrent release, shunt release and undervoltage release
d. Overcurrent release, ground release (instantaneous or delay), shunt release and undervoltage release (Inm≤630A)

● According to the protection type

a. Overload and short circuit instantaneous operation (Inm=2000, 4000A)
b. Overload long delay and short circuit instantaneous operation
c. Overload long delay, short circuit instantaneous and single phase ground instantaneous or delay operation (Inm≤630A)

● According to the type of ground release (Inm≤630A)

a. Electromagnetic (instantaneous operation)
b. Electronic (instantaneous or delay 0.4s operation)

● According to the way of inlet and outlet

a. Vertical inlet and outlet
b. Vertical inlet, horizontal outlet
c. Horizontal inlet, vertical outlet
d. Horizontal inlet and outlet

Normal working conditions

1. The ambient air temperature is -5°C~+40°C, and the average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35°C.
2. The elevation of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.
3. The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40°C. It can have a higher relative humidity at a lower temperature, and the average maximum relative humidity of the wetest month is 90%, and the average monthly minimum temperature is +25°C, and takes into account condensation that occurs on the surface of the product due to temperature changes.
4. Pollution level 3
5. The mounting category is IV and the auxiliary circuit is III (but the undervoltage release wiring diagram is IV).
6. The inclination of the vertical plane does not exceed 5°./p>

Structure and characteristics

The Air Circuit Breaker has three shell frame grades of 630, 2000 and 4000A, which can meet the needs of different current levels. All series are open type, mainly composed of free tripping mechanism, contact system, shunt, undervoltage and overcurrent release (electromagnetic and thermal-electromagnetic), single-phase ground release (Inm ≤ 630A), electric and manual operating mechanisms and terminals and other components. The manual operation force is small, the motor starting power is small, and the energy consumption is reduced. Due to the adoption of new arc extinguishing chambers and high-strength bases, the breaking capacity and heat and moisture resistance of the products are improved. Especially when the fault protection device is added, and the long delay protection of overload can save the relay protection facilities of the distribution system, so that the design of the distribution device is more compact and reasonable, so the ACB Breaker can effectively protect the grounding fault of the TN system at the end of the transformer. The outline and installation dimensions of the ACB breaker are the same as those of the DW10 except for the 4000A, which greatly facilitates the replacement of the old DW10 product of the main lines and branch lines, realizing the transformation of the urban and rural power grids, and greatly improving the quality and safety level of the power supply.

The main parameters and technical performance

Rated insulation voltage: 690V
Rated working voltage: 400V or 690V
Rated current: (Inm=630A) (100), 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 630A;
(Inm=2000A) 800, 1000, 1600, 2000A;
(Inm=4000A) 2500, 3200, 4000A Breaker

Rated short circuit breaking capacity (kA)

Inm 400V cosΦ 690V cosΦ Arc distance Wiring method
630 30/25 0.25 30/15 0.3 250 Upper inlet
2000 50/35 0.25 30/20 0.25/0.3 350 Upper inlet or lower inlet
4000 80/50 0.2/0.25 40/30 0.25 350
Note: The numerator is Icu and the denominator is Ics.
Rated ground breaking capacity is 7.5kA (400V, COSΦ=0.5)

Rated voltage and required power of shunt release, under voltage release and operating motor.
Name / Item Rated voltage (V) Required power Remark
AC DC ≤630A ≤630A
Under voltage release 220, 230 - 16.5VA 40VA 220 and 230 are universal
380 and 400 are universal
380, 400 - 10VA
Shunt release 220, 230 / 380, 400   187VA  
  110, 220 100W
Operating motor 220, 230 / 380, 400   175VA 200/315 Numerator 2000(Inm)
Denominator 4000(Inm)
  110, 220  
The DW16 Air Circuit Breaker should be disconnected when the operating voltage Ue of the undervoltage release drops to between 70% and 35%; the circuit-breaker shall be prevented from closing when Ue is lower than 35%; the circuit breaker should be closed when Ue is greater than or equal to 85%.
The shunt release should be able to ensure that the circuit breaker(4000A Breaker) is disconnected between 70%~110% of the control power supply voltage Us (Us is AC 220V when the ground protection).
Rated current long delay and instantaneous release current setting value, rated ground operation current, rated ground operation current.
Rated current
In (A)
Long delay current setting adjustment range Current setting value of instantaneous overcurrent release Rated ground operation current I△n Rated ground non operation current I△no
Distribution Motor Electronic Electromagnetic
200, 250, 315, 400, 630   3~6 5~10 0.3 0.5 0.5

Rated current
In (A)
Thermal-electromagnetic Electromagnetic Remark
Long delay Instantaneous Instantaneous
800 512~800 2400~4800 800~2400 Thermal-electromagnetic action current setting accuracy is ±20%; Electromagnetic is ±10%
1000 640~1000 3000~6000 1000~3000
1600 1024~1600 4800~9600 1600~4800
2000 1280~2000 6000~12000 2000~6000
2500 1400~3200 7500~15000 2500~7500
3200 2048~3200 9600~19200 3200~9600
4000 2560~4000 12000~24000 4000~12000

Outline and Installation Dimension

Outline and Installation Dimension of DW16-630 circuit breaker of direct manual operation and motor operation

Lever operation and installation dimensions of DW16-630 circuit breaker

Outline and Installation Dimension of DW16-2000A Breaker direct handle operation and motor operation

Installation Dimension of DW16-2000A Breaker Lever Operation

Outline and Installation Dimension of DW16-4000A breaker

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