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Scope of Application

TXJQ3 Electrical Isolation Switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch, also known as hook isolation switch) is used for AC 50 / 60Hz, rated voltage 230-400V , 63A to 125A of rated current in the resistance and inductive hybrid circuit, mainly for on or off in the no load conditions to connect or isolate line and power. Especially it is used for isolating the power supply effectively to prevent accidental switch-on when people check circuit , in order to ensure operational safety of maintainer, electrical isolator switch is widely used in the matching products of national agricultural network meter box and replaces the old knife switch, the installation is more convenient , appearance is more beautiful.
The electrical isolator switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) is the most used in the high-voltage electrical isolator switches, as the name suggests, it is isolated from the circuit in its own working principle and structure is relatively simple, but because of the large amount of work, high work reliability , electrical isolator switch has a great effect on design and establishment and save running of substation and power plant. The main features of the disconnector has no arc extinguishing capability, only open and close circuits in the condition of no load current.

Model and meaning

Use environment and working conditions

◆ Ambient air temperature: -5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃, the average temperature does not exceed +35 ℃.
◆ Altitude: not more than 2000m.
◆ Relative temperature of atmosphere: +40℃ is not more than 50%, the wettest month is 90%.
◆ Pollution Degree: Grade Ⅱ.
◆ Use category: AC-22A.
◆ Installation conditions: hand-pull disconnector is normally installed vertically (top of the line), the handle pushed up, contact connected: play down the contact is disconnected, then the handle can be buckled to avoid accidental closing.
◆ Installation adopt TH35-7.5 type DIN rail.

Structural features

The electrical isolator switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) is a direct handle operation, modular, standardized rail mounting structure, especially for the terminal combination of supporting electrical isolation switch components. As the static and dynamic contact with a reasonable form of contact, conductive and good stability. Operation Insulation handle and moving contact riveting one, moving the handle to pull open and open, and clearly visible, without the need for another closed position indicator. And because of the handle with a ring 鉔, with the bottom of the hook tightly withhold, it can avoid accidental closing, greatly improving the safety, so as to ensure the maintenance of the safety of personnel, especially for non-professionals use and operation.

Main technical parameters

Rated Current (A) 32、63、100
Pole (P) 1、2、3、4
Rated working voltage (V) single-phase 230
Three-phase 400
Rated short-time withstand current 12Ie, power-on time is 1s
Rated short-time making capacity 20Ie, power-on time is 0.1s
Rated making and breaking capacity 3le,1.05Ue,cosφ=0.65
operating performance

No-load 8500 times,

On-load 1500times, In total 10000 times

Installation and usage

■ The hook-type isolation switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) should be installed vertically. The upper static contact terminal is connected with the power supply, so that the moving contact is disconnected without electricity, so as to ensure the safety of the manual operation.
■ Hand-pull isolation switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) is closed and open without load operation under the normal circumstances. After the break, hoop of the handle should tighten the corresponding hook under the switch, to prevent accidental closing, to ensure maintainer safety.


■ Hook isolation switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) should not make or break a large overload, and should not make or break normal working current frequently, and avoid pushing and pulling switch with strength to avoid accidents and shortening the service life of the product.
■ Hand-pull isolation switch (1/2/3/4 pole isolator switch) has no arc chamber, not allowed to make and break the fault current. If necessary, the user can choose the appropriate fuse combination to make it have a larger load and short-circuit making-breaking capacity (the specific making-breaking capacity depends on the making-breaking capacity of the chosen fuse)

Outline and installation dimensions (MM)

Understand the isolation switch

The main functions of Isolating Switch

①, After opening, establish a reliable insulation gap, the equipment to be repaired or lines and power are separated by a clear separation point, to ensure maintainer and equipment safety.
②, According to operational needs, change and connect circuits.
③, It can be used for the small current in the opening and closing circuits, such as bushing, busbar, connector, charging current of short cable, capacitive current of circuit breaker grading capacitance, circulating current when double busbar changes and connects and excitation current of voltage transformer and so on.
④, According to the specific condition of different structure types, to close and open no-load excitation current of a certain capacity transformer.

High-voltage isolation switch according to different installation, can be divided into outdoor high-voltage isolation switch and indoor high-voltage isolation switch. Outdoor high voltage isolation switch that can withstand wind, rain, snow, filth, condensation, ice and cream, etc., suitable for being installed in the balcony to use. According to the different structure of the insulation pillar, it can be divided into single-column isolation switch, double-column isolation switch, three-column isolation switch. The single column switch under the overhead busbar is directly isolated from electric as the fracture in the vertical space, therefore, it has obvious advantages, is to save the area, reduce the lead wire, at the same time opening-closing state is particularly clear. In the case of ultra-high voltage transmission, substations use a single column switch, the saving effect of the area is more significant. In low-voltage equipment, it is mainly applied to residential, construction and other low-voltage terminal distribution system. Main functions: with load breaking and closing a circuit.

Characteristics of isolation switch

① When the electrical equipment maintenance, it provides an electrical interval, which is clearly visible cut-off point, to protect the personal safety of maintainer.

② The isolating switch can not take load to operate: can not operate with rated load or large load, can not open and close the load current and short circuit current, but which with arc-extinguishing chamber can take low load and operate in no-load line.

③ When the general power transmission operation: firstly close isolation switch, then close the breaker or load switch; when isolating switch power-off operation: firstly open the circuit breaker or load switch, then open the isolation switch.

④ It is no different from other electrical equipment in the selection, its rated voltage, rated current, dynamic current, thermal current and so on have to meet the needs of the using situations. Isolation switch has functions of cutting off circuits without the no-load current, so that the equipment of the maintenance and power have significant cut-off point to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel, isolation switch has no special arc-control device and can not cut off the load current and short circuit current, it must operate isolation switch in the circuits cut off by the circuit breaker.

Application of isolation switch

① Used for isolation of the power supply, it can disconnect high voltage maintenance equipment from live equipment, so that there was a visible disconnection point.
② Isolation switch cooperates with circuit breaker, according to the needs of system operation mode to take switching operation, to change the wiring of system operation.
③ Used for turning on or off the low current circuit. In general, a set of isolation switches are installed in the front and rear two sides of circuit breaker, the purpose is isolation of the circuit breaker and power to form a clear cut-off point; because the original circuit breaker used oil circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers need regular maintenance, so the two sides should have a clear cut-off point to be beneficial to maintenance. In general, the outlet cabinets supply power downward from the upper bus by the switch cabinet, it is necessary that a set of isolation switches isolate from the power supply in front of the circuit breaker, but sometimes, the part behind circuit breaker may also have electricity, such as the reverse feeding by other loop, the reverse feeding of capacitors and other devices, so the back of the circuit breaker also needs a set of isolation switches.

Isolation switch is mainly used for the reliable isolation of part of the power outage needed and live part of high-voltage power distribution devices to ensure the safety of maintenance work. Contacts of isolation switch are all exposed to the air, with a clear cut-off point, isolation switch has no arc-control device, so it can not cut off the load current or short circuit current, otherwise under high pressure, the cut-off point will produce a strong arc which is difficult to self-extinguish, and even may cause flashover (relative or interphase short circuit), burning equipment, endangering personal safety, this is the serious accident so-called "pulling isolation switch with load". Isolation switch can also be used for conversion operation of some circuits to change the way of system operating. For example, in a double-bus circuit, a bus switches to the other bus in the operating circuit by isolation switch. At the same time, it can also be used for operation of some low current circuit.

Ordering Information

When ordering, please indicate the following points:
Product model and name: such as TXJQ3 hand-pull disconnector / retractor disconnector
Rated current: 100A.
Number of poles: 3P
Order number: such as 77,777 only.
Order example: TXJQ3 retractable isolating switch, 63A, 2P, 2560 only.

Keywords: electrical isolator switch,4 pole isolator switch

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