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Scope of Application

TXB7Z-63 DC Mini Circuit Breaker is suitable for the lines of rated current of 63A or less(60/50/40/30/20/10 amp), DC rated voltage of 12volt, 24V, 48V, for overload and short circuit protection of the DC transmission and distribution system facilities and electrical equipment and not frequent conversion of link. DC Circuit Breaker has beautiful appearance, mounted on the standard rail, with on-off display. Terminal up and down have wiring function, when wiring, must pay attention to the "+ / -" polarity, used for the three-pole circuit breaker of 440V. The 12volt DC Circuit Breaker can also be installed with auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts and shunt release and other accessories, widely used in telecommunications, batteries, locomotives and other industries.
TXB7Z-63 DC Circuit Breaker (12V DC Circuit Breaker) meets standards of IEC60947-2-1997, GB14048.2-200.1.

Model and meaning

Working conditions

◇ Altitude of installation site does not exceed 2000m;
◇ Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, and the average temperature in 24h below +35℃ (except specialordering)
◇ The location of the air relative humidity in the highest temperature + 40℃ for not more than 50%; In the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. For example, + 20℃ for 90%. And consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel and take special measures.
◇ In no explosion danger media, and medium without enough to corrode the metal and destruction of gas and electric insulation dust place.
◇ No rain and snow invasion of the place.
◇ Pollution level is Ⅲ.
◇ Installation Category: installation category of circuit breaker main circuit is Ⅲ, installation category of the auxiliary circuit and control circuit unconnected to the main circuit is Ⅱ.

Structural characteristics

TXB7Z-63 DC Miniature Circuit Breaker is a new product developed on the basis of high breaking MCB. Using the characteristics of magnetic quenching, short arc time, high breaking capacity, reliable performance.

Main technical parameters

According to the type of instantaneous release

Tripping form AC Range DC Range
B 3In<I≤5In 4.4In<I≤6.6In
C 5In<I≤10In 6.8In<I≤10.2In

Rated short - circuit breaking capacity

Rated current(A) Pole Rated voltage(V) Rated short - circuit current(A) Run short circuit current(A)
1~63 1 220v 4500 4500
2~4 6000 4500

Mechanical electrical Life

Category Times Operating frequency(times/h) Rated current A
Electrical life 2000 240 1~32
120 40~63
Mechanical life 10000 240 1~63

Over-current protection characteristics (reference temperature 30 ℃)

No. Trip type Rated current (A) Initial state DC Set time Prosrective result Remark
a B、C 1~63 Cold 1.13In t≤1h Non tripping
b B、C 1~63 After the last 1.45In t<1h After the last The current rise steadily to a fixed value within 5S
c B、C In≤32A Cold 2.55In 1s<t<60s After the last
In>32A 1s<t<120s
d B 1~63 Cold 4In 0.1s≤t≤45s(In≤32A)
After the last
C 7In 0.1s≤t≤15s(In≤32A)
e B 1~63 Cold 15In t<0.1s After the last Switch current by closing the auxiliary switch

Tripping characteristic curve

Outline and installation dimensions

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