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Scope of Application

DZ10 Molded Case Circuit Breaker (100A/250A/600A Circuit Breaker), mainly for distribution network circuit of infrequent operation of AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V, rated current of 600A, used for distributing power, protecting circuits and power supply equipment, preventing against damage of overload, short circuit, under-voltage and other fault. The circuit breaker of 250A and below provides protection of infrequent start of motor and overload, short circuit, under-voltage.
Transparent case circuit breaker derived from DZ10 Lv Circuit Breaker, its cover is made of polycarbonate material with new type, high temperature resistant and high strength. It can judge the contact state directly, and is widely used in the temporary electric field for construction site.
DZ10 Molded Case Circuit Breakers (100A/250A/600A Circuit Breaker) meet the standards: GB 14048.2, IEC 60947-2.

Model and meaning

Note: DZ10-600 without transparent cover products, DZ10-250, DZ10-600 without H-type products.

Accessories type



Without accessories Shunt release Auxiliary contact Undervoltage release

Shunt release
Auxiliary contact

Shunt release
Undervoltage release

Two sets of auxiliary


Auxiliary contact
Undervoltage release

Electromagnetic release 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Thermomagnetic release 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

■ Ambient air temperature: -5℃~40℃, and average temperature in 24h is below +35℃.
■ Altitude: The altitude of the installation site is not more than 2000m.
■ Pollution Degree: 3.
■ The inclination of the vertical plane is not more than 5°.
■ Installation conditions: Installed in a place without significant impact, vibration, non-hazardous (explosive) medium, and medium without enough to corrode the metal and destruction of gas and electric insulation dust (including conductive dust), without invasion of rain and snow.
■ Atmospheric conditions: The air relative humidity in the highest temperature + 40℃ for not more than 50%; In the low temperature can have higher relative humidity. The maximum average relative humidity is 90%, while the average monthly minimum temperature is +25℃, and consider the temperature changes in product on the surface of the gel.

Main parameters and technical performance

■ Over-current release is disconnected in overload (inverse time action):
Inverse time off features of circuit breaker when every pole is power-on at the same time in the ambient air temperature of +40℃: circuit breaker for distribution(see Table 2); circuit breaker for motor protection(see Table 3).
■ The over-current release is disconnected in the short-circuit.
The circuit-breaker shall operate instantaneously at the specified setting current value (Table 4).
■ The basic parameters of the circuit breaker are shown in Table 5.

Test current Initial state I/In Set time
IDZ=100(A) IDZ(A)
In≤63 63 < in ≤ 100 250 600
Conventional non-tripping current 1.05 1h 2h 2h 2h
Conventional tripping current 1.30 1h 2h 2h 2h
Return current 3.0 5s 8s 8s 12s
No. Test current Setting current(I/In) Set time Initial state
1 Conventional non-tripping current 1.0 2h Cold
2 Conventional tripping current 1.2 2h After Test 1.

Instantaneous operating current

setting value of circuit

breaker for distribution

Instantaneous operating

current setting value of circuit

breaker for motor protection

Setting allowed error
DZ10-100 10In 12In ±20%
DZ10-250 10In 12In ±20%
DZ10-600 10In - ±20%

Frame rated current

Rated operating voltage
(Ue V)
Rated frequency
Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Icu kA
Rated operation short circuit breaking capacity Ics kA
flashover distance
Rated current
(In A)
DZ10-100 100 380 50 15 7.5 150



DZ10-250 250 380 50 20 12.5 200



DZ10-600 600 380 50 30 15 200 300,400,500,600


■ Accessories for circuit breakers
   □ Circuit breaker cut-off operation:
Cut-off by shunt release: When the control voltage is between 70% and 110% during operation of the release, the shunt release is to be tripped under all operating conditions of the circuit-breaker.
Cut-off by undervoltage release: When the rated operating voltage drops to the rated value of between 70% and 35%, the undervoltage release shall operate; When the supply voltage of undervoltage release is lower than the rated operating voltage of 35%, the undervoltage release should prevent the circuit-breaker from being closed, when the supply voltage is equal to or greater than 85% of the rated operating voltage of the release, it shall ensure that the circuit-breaker is closed.
Note: Circuit-breakers with undervoltage release can trip again and be closed only if the release is in the rated voltage, otherwise the circuit-breaker will be damaged.
   □ Auxiliary contact with the coordination of SCPD:
Auxiliary contact of circuit breaker is recommended the use of RT-14, in series with it to protect, in the test current of 1.1 times rated operating voltage, power factor of 0.5-0.7, it can withstand the assessment of expected short circuit current value of 1000A in the fuse time.
■ Installation
   □ Before installation, check whether the parameters on the nameplate match the actual requirements, and then fasten the circuit-breaker vertically to the mounting plate with screws (or bolts).
   □ Main circuit wiring:
Wiring in front of the board: With the appropriate cross-section of copper wire (see Table 6), strip the appropriate length of the insulating outer layer, into the hole of the hoop, tighten the outer layer of the hoop, wrap the wire, and then tighten the connecting hole of the wire and the terminals of the circuit breaker with screws; for copper, the wiring board is fixed on the circuit breaker first, and then fixed with the copper row.
Wiring on back of the board: according to Figure 1 fixed wiring board, and then fixed with the corresponding wire.
■ Auxiliary circuit wiring: The auxiliary circuit is wired according to the nameplate of the circuit-breaker.
■ Insert the separator.
■ Check: Check the circuit breaker before work according to the installation requirements, its fixed connection part should be reliable; repeated operation of the circuit breaker several times, its operating mechanism should be flexible and reliable.

Rated current
20 30 50 60 80 100 150 170 200 250 300 400 500 600
wire crosssection area 2.5 6.0 10 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 185 240 300 400

Outline and installation dimensions

Product Model Dimensions of DZ10 MCCB mm
A(长) B(宽) C(高1) D(高2)
DZ10-100 110 155 88 105
DZ10-125 156 278 110 140
DZ10-630 212 399 115 105
Product Model

DZ10 MCCB Installation

dimensionsof wiring in

front of the board MM

E F Φd J R S T W
DZ10-100 35 135 5 132.5 39.5 28 64 15
DZ10-250 51 240 9 241 91 52.5 91 28
DZ10-630 70 360 11 328 138.5 63.5 102 37
Product Model

DZ10 MCCB Installation

dimensions of wiring on

back of the board MM

G H K Md
DZ10-100 131 35 50 M6
DZ10-100 240 51 85 M10
DZ10-100 325 70 92 M16

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