Question: There are several models and specifications of your molded case circuit breaker

Taixi Electric Molded Case Circuit Breaker is a modular assembly of high-insulation, high-protection, high-hardness plastic housing. The internal circuit boards, coils, and mechanical action mechanisms are all modularly installed. The product has strong anti-surge capability, high breaking capacity, and can adapt to various harsh or high load electrical environments.
Taixi electrical plastic shell circuit breakers include: TXCM1, TXCM1Z (DC), DZ20, DZ20Y, DZ20LE (leakage), DZ10, DZ15, DZ15LE (leakage), DZ15LD (motor), DZ108 (small A number 0.1 ~ 63A), TXGV2 (motor), DZL18 (old) and other products have a very wide coverage, can be used for 0.1 ~ 1250A ultra-high range of rated current applications, can be used for single-phase, three-phase distribution sites.
TXCM1 series: It can adapt to the 63~1250A over-range distribution environment, the product rated breaking capacity can reach 12.5~50KA or more, in addition to overload protection (basic function) short circuit protection (basic function), over-voltage (auxiliary contact), Up to ten electrical protection mechanisms such as leakage (leakage) are optional. It is an ideal high protection circuit breaker product.
DZ20 series: It can adapt to the distribution environment of 16A ~ 630A, including DZ20Y-general breaking capacity, DZ20J-higher breaking capacity, and is also one of the most conventional molded case circuit breaker products. The price is also more suitable for conventional power distribution. .
DZ10, DZ15 series: conventional plastic case, similar to DZ20.
DZ15LE, DZ20LE series: with leakage protection type MCCB.

DZ15LD, TXGV2 series: Both circuit breakers are products specifically for motor protection. DZ15LD products have a phase loss,
Overcurrent and fault detection functions, the product is equipped with indicators on the front, can directly feedback to the user point of failure, Taixi electrical engineers professional debugging, indicating that the instantaneous time is ns level. TXGV2 is a conventional overload protection type MCCB dedicated to the motor, which can make the most timely response to the over-load operation status of the motor.

DZ108 series: With electromagnetic tripping mechanism, the tripping is more rapid and timely. It can protect ns-level overload for special requirements occasions such as experimental equipment with a small number of A.

DZL18 series: It is one of the earliest batch of molded case circuit breakers of Taixi Electric. Its product structure is simple, its breaking capacity is higher than that of conventional miniature circuit breakers, and its insulation level is higher. The price is the lowest among molded case circuit breakers.

Taixi Electric provides one to two years warranty service for each product. Protecting the basic rights of consumers and winning customer trust is one of the most basic concepts of Taixi Electric.

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