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    Spiral Cable Wire Wrap is mainly used in automobile internal strapping computer TV cable and cable, household appliances, lighting, electrical, electronic products, electronic toys, nylon and other products in the fixed line, mechanical equipment of oil pipeline is fixed, fixed cable ship.


    TAIXI Polyethylene LDPE Spiral Cable Wire Wrap,Wire wrapped tube protecting line tube Beam line tube Φ4 6 8 10-30

    Specifications Length Outer diameter/mm Inner diameter/mm Thickness/mm Weight
    Φ4 20m(about) 4.30 3.04 0.65 0.135KG
    Φ6 15m(about) 5.90 4.58 0.66 0.135KG
    Φ8 12m(about) 7.50 6.12 0.68 0.135KG
    Φ10 10m(about) 9.10 7.76 0.69 0.135KG
    Φ12 9.5m(about) 10.90 9.47 0.71 0.135KG
    Φ14 6m(about) 13.50 12.07 0.72 0.135KG
    Φ16 5m(about) 15.50 13.95 0.79 0.135KG
    Φ18 4m(about) 17.25 15.54 0.88 0.135KG
    Φ20 3.2m(about) 18.50 16.51 1.02 0.135KG
    Φ25 2.4m(about) 22.65 20.32 1.20 0.135KG
    Φ30 2.2m(about) 24.50 21.98 1.26 0.135KG
    Remark: there are a few of errors in manual measurement. If there is a high demand, please call us to re-measure; there will be a few of errors due to different batches!


    Product Name: PE Spiral Cable Wire Wrap, winding tube, beam tube, roll type protective tape;

    Product material: LDPE low density polyethylene material, referred to as PE material;

    Use temperature: -30℃~+80℃, short time can reach +100℃;

    Product packaging: bags;

    Usage: firstly, fix the starting end with safety belt, then surround and tighten in a clockwise direction , the wire can be as one.

    Product use: as a protective wire from wear and insulation, and can improve the appearance of bending. Spiral Cable Wire Wrap are used in computers, televisions, Internet products, and information technology; wherever homes, offices or factories, they are available wherever wires are available.

    Supply range: PE flame retardant Spiral Cable Wire Wrap or non flame Spiral Cable Wire Wrap can be selected, if large quantities, they can be customized according to customer length, thickness, color and other requirements!

    Product features: good flexibility, glossy surface, chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

    Keywords: Spiral Cable Wire Wrap

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