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    DZ47LES-125 leakage circuit breakers with shunt trip, have functions of intelligent shunt release, used in the circuit for AC 50Hz / 60Hz, rated voltage of 110V-400V, rated current of 63A, provide remote control breaking or automatic signal control breaking for the circuit, while it play a protective role in the circuit of overload, short-circuit, leakage. At present, it is widly used for controlling circuits on-off with IC card prepayment meter.

    Circuit breaker meets standards of IEC60898, GB10963, GB14048.2, and has international advanced level.

    Model and meaning

    Main technical parameters

    Model Frame rated
    Pole Width Model Rated current
    Rated operating
    voltage (V)
    Rated short - circuit
    breaking capacity
    DZ47LES-125 125 1P+N 54 D 63,80,100,125 230/400 230 6000
    3P+N 108
    Rated Current (A) Initial state Test current Set time Prosrective result
    ≤63 Cold state、Heat state 1.05ln t≥1h Non tripping
    >63 t≥2h
    ≤63 Cold state、Heat state 1.30ln t<1h Tripping
    >63 t<2h
    All values Cold state 20ln t<360s Tripping
    All values Cold state 5ln~10ln t≥1s Non tripping
    All values Cold state 10ln~20ln t<1s Tripping

    Outline and installation dimensions

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