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    TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch (hereinafter referred to as ATS), it is suitable for the power supply system of AC 50Hz, rated voltag f 400V, rated current of 63A and below. Choice and conversion between two power supply according to the needs. ATS have protection functions of overload, short circuit, under-voltage, but also have functions of fire, double breaking and output closing signal. Particularly applicable to the lighting lines in office buildings, shopping malls, banks, high-rise buildings and other places with needs of the fire.
    TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch complies with GB / T14048.11 standard.

    Models and Specifications

    Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

    ● The altitude of the installation site should not exceed 2000m.
    ● Ambient air temperature
    Ambient air temperature does not exceed the upper limit is +40℃; the average ambient air temperature in 24h does not exceed +35℃. The ambient air temperature lower limit is not less than -5 ℃.
    ● Atmospheric conditions
      ○ Humidity
    At the maximum temperature of +40℃, the air relative humidity is less than 50%, there is a higher relative humidity allowed at lower temperatures, for example, up to 90% at 20℃. Special measures should be taken for gel that is occasionally generated due to changes of humidity.
      ○ Pollution degree: 3
    ● Installation conditions
    Installed in the place without shock and invasion of rain and snow ; the upper terminal connect to the power side, the lowr terminal connect to the load side; the inclination between products and vertical plane is not more than 5°.
    ● Installation category: Ⅲ
    ● The external magnetic field near the installation site does not exceed 5 times the geomagnetic field in any direction.

    Technical parameter

    4.1 Basic parameters of TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch see Table 1

    Product performance parameters
    Meet the standards GB/T 14048.11
    ATS class CB class
    Use categories AC-33iB
    Rated operating voltage Ue AC230V-400V
    Rated operating frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated operating current Ie 6A、1OA、16A、20A、25A. 32A、40A、50A、63A
    Switching control voltage Ac230V
    Rated insulation voltage Ui AC690V
    Conversion operation time ≤3s(Not adjustable, the factory has been adjusted)
    Life Electrical life 1500次
    Mechanaical life 6000次
    Rated short-time making capacity Icm 7.5kA
    Rated short-time breaking capacity Icn 5kA

    4.2 Basic parameters of terminal type and intelligent type of TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch in Table 2

    Product model Common type Intelligent type
    Installation method Integral type Integral type
    Operation method Automatic and manual

    Automatic manual and

    double breaking

    Monitoring function Phase failure detection

    Common power supply

    three-phase undervoltage,

    lack phase and phase

    failure detection

    Conversion method

    Automatic change and

    automatic recovery

    Automatic change and

    automatic recovery

    Fire linkage control No

    DC12-24V input

    double breaking

    (Automatic fire cut-off function)

    Display function LED light LED light

    Outline and mounting dimensions

    Outline and mounting dimensions


    Model and

    Outline dimensions Installation dimensions
    L W H L1 W1 Φd
    Four-pole switch 220 132 120 200 120 5
    Three-pole switch 180 165


    6.1 Installation

    Connecting wire
    Connection wire (cable) for ATS uses single core polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated copper wire or equivalent copper bar, the sectional area is selected according to the table 4.

    Rated current In(A) 6 10 16 20 25 32 40 50 63

    Sectional area of

    wire or copper bar mm²

    1.0 1.5 2.5 4.0 6.0 10 16

    6.2 Wiring diagram of ATS

          6.2.1 Wiring diagram of four-pole switch

            6.2.2 Wiring diagram of three-pole switch

    6.3 Wiring diagram of ATS output terminals

          6.3.1 Wiring diagram of commom type output terminals

           6.3.2 Wiring diagram of intelligent type output terminals

    Ordering Information

    Users must specify when ordering:

    7.1 Name and type of TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch;
    7.2 The rated current (A) of TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch;
    7.3 Poles (four-pole, the ATS is three-phase four-wire system when the customer does not indicate);
    7.4 Controller type of TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch;
    7.5 Quantity.
    7.6 Customer requirements for Miniature Circuit Breakers DZ47 or C65
    For example: ordering TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch, three-pole, rated current of 6A, common type, the number of 50 units. Can be written as: TXQ3-63 / 3P 6A 50 units.
    Order TXQ3 Automatic Transfer Switch, four-pole, rated current of 63A, intelligent type, miniature circuit breakers require 50 DZ47D type. Can be written as: TXQ3-63 / 4P 63A DZ47D 50 units.

    Keywords: Automatic Transfer Switch, ATS

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